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Today we have different websites and mobile applications that are designed to allow us to share content in real-time, whether it’s a photograph, a message, an event detail or even our opinions about something. Not only this, but social media has also emerged as a great platform for online business in the last few years. Social media and networking have become an inseparable part of our lives. It has literally made the world a small community. I am always excited to try new networking sites and apps as every app has something different to offer. And in this search, I have come across an app, Sagoon recently.

What is Sagoon? 


When I first learned about it, I downloaded the app and also googled it for some more information about the app. They have a website, where you can find out what this app is all about, their vision and the newsroom too, that will give you updates on what the Sagoon team is up to. Well about Sagoon, it is a social commerce platform for Android users that has three different features – My Day, Mood Talk and Secrets. It has its offices in India, Nepal and Unites States. Let’s talk about its features.

My Day          

Sagoon is a free social networking app that manages your events for the day in the form of to-do-list, schedules, reminders, all in one place in My Day section. This is the best feature for me, as for us it is always tough to remember all the things that we have to do today or say after a week on a specific day, and what if we cannot afford to not remember that? Well with Sagoon’s My Day feature, you will be able to organize your days, plan a vacation, make a grocery list, set reminders and plan a get-together and also share the info with your friends or family. It’s that simple. Then, just set the reminder for the time you want to work on that thing. It also displays the weather conditions and temperature and date and time of your current location and that of any specific location you have chosen (loved it!).

Mood Talk

Mood Talk is a feature for chatting, but with a twist, as you can imagine with the name itself. For your different moods on different days, this feature makes it possible for you to express your happiness, sadness, anger, guilt and more while chatting, as sometimes an expression can start a much-needed conversation that words cannot. You can express your real-time mood with everyone by setting up the universal mood or only the one you want to talk with; it’s totally up to you. Here, you also get an option for group chat for your virtual get together with your friends. Also, you can send files in any and every format you like in your chat. All these groups and personal chats will automatically disappear after 24 hours and once deleted, the chats cannot be recovered.


Secret is a feature where you can publish a story that could be your experience or any information that you think can help or benefit the society. You can publish it with or without your name, again it’s up to you only. You can write the story in 220 words and also attach up to three images/videos with your story. You can share it with everyone or just with someone privately.  You can also lock your story, which means you can control whether your story will be shared further by others or not, isn’t it great? Also if you have posted it in open secret, you can’t track your story and see how many people, in how many cities or countries have viewed your story.

Why Sagoon?

For me, Sagoon is a great platform that you can use for connecting and sharing and earning too. It has combined features of Facebook and snapchat and Notepad. There are options like networking and shopping through which you can earn money too. Sagoon is also going to launch their Social, smart card, and also you will be able to buy and send gifts to your loved ones on this app soon. It’s just a start, and I am sure this app is going to bring a major change in social networking and e-commerce world. So I suggest you to go ahead and try this app, you are going to love this too. Download Sagoon app Here

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