How to Change Username on BeReal? (70+ BeReal Username Ideas) 2024

When you are using a Social Media platform, the username is something very important because it shows your persona, your identity, and what kinda person you are! Selecting any random username won’t help you much if you want to harness the real benefits of using any social Platform.

In recent times, BeReal has been very popular, and trending because of its unique features such as posting your real photo without any filter in a given time duration, etc.

This platform is going great, and people who love to show their real faces, love this platform. Like any other platform, the selection of your username is important on Bereal as well to look authentic.

Can You Change Username on BeReal?

Before we try to change the username on BeReal, let’s find out, whether we can change the username on BeReal or not! There are a few platforms where you cannot change usernames, but BeReal allows you to change your username later on as well. So, Yes, you can change your username later on BeReal.

I always advise people to select the best username when they create their accounts, but most of the time while creating an account, people keep a random one. But, later when they understand the need for a catchy username, they think of changing it. That is fine too! Better late than never.

How to Change Username On BeReal?

Changing the username on BeReal is straightforward, and you can do it in a few seconds. Please follow the steps to change your BeReal username:

  1. First of all, launch BeReal on Your Phone.
  2. Tap the profile symbol that you see at the top right corner of the BeReal home screen.
  3. Now, tap the Three Dots Menu (The burger Menu). This will take you to the Setting screen.
  4. You will see your profile name. Tap that.
  5. Now, you will be on the screen where you can change your username. Type in your Username, and Tap “Change Username” to confirm after entering the new username.
  6. To confirm changes tap on ‘Save’.

And, your username will be updated. That is it.

Why My Username Hasn’t Updated Yet?

It’s really important to know that if you change your username, it won’t be changed right away because BeReal doesn’t work this way. Your new username will only be updated when you post something during the next BeReal notification. You have to wait till your next post on BeReal in order to get your username updated. Don’t worry if your username doesn’t immediately change – it’ll only happen once you participate in the next BeReal notification.

If you decide to stick with your current username, you can easily revert back by hitting the “Cancel and keep my current username” button before the BeReal notification comes through.

After posting an update, make sure to check whether your BeReal Username is updated or not. If still is not updated, you can always contact their support for further assistance.

How Many Times I can change Username on BeReal?

You’re allowed to switch your BeReal username once with each BeReal notification. But here’s the catch: the change you make won’t show up until you post in the next notification as we already have discussed in the last section of this article. So, even after you update your username, you’ll have to wait for the notification to see it reflected. It’s always after the notification that your new username becomes visible.

50+ BeReal Username Ideas 2024

  1. RealityRevealer
  2. AuthenticityAlly
  3. TrueVoiceTeller
  4. AdventureSeeker
  5. DreamChaser
  6. StarGazer
  7. Wanderlust
  8. SunnyDays
  9. PeacefulSoul
  10. TechGeek
  11. SmileyFace
  12. HappyGoLucky
  13. BeachBum
  14. PetLover
  15. FitnessFreak
  16. CreativeMind
  17. FoodieForever
  18. UnmaskedMemoirs
  19. AuthenticVibesOnly
  20. RealTalkExpress
  21. UnfilteredLens
  22. GenuineGlimmer
  23. HeartfeltHarbor
  24. RawRealityRider
  25. TrueNarrative
  26. SincereSymphony
  27. GenuineGaze_
  28. OpenBookStories
  29. RealVoiceVerse
  30. TransparentTruths
  31. CandidConfessions
  32. TrueTalesTeller
  33. UnveiledVeracity
  34. RawRealness
  35. AuthenticAngle
  36. HonestReflections
  37. SincereStories
  38. UnfilteredFlow
  39. GenuineGlow
  40. OpenHeartMelodies
  41. RealVoiceReflections
  42. TrueEssenceTales
  43. CandidChronicles
  44. AuthenticAdventures
  45. TransparentTrail
  46. HeartfeltEcho
  47. GenuineGritTales
  48. RealTalkTracks
  49. SincereSoulScripts
  50. OpenHeartVibes
  51. RawRealityReveals
  52. JokesterJourney
  53. WittyWhimsy
  54. LaughTrackTales
  55. ComicChronicles
  56. PunnyPundit
  57. SillyStoryteller
  58. QuirkyQuips
  59. ChuckleChampion
  60. HilariousHeart
  61. JestfulJournals
  62. GigglesAndGrit
  63. AmusingAnecdotes
  64. JocularJotter
  65. ChuckleChampion123
  66. WitWavesWonders
  67. JokesterJourney123
  68. PunnyPunditLaughs
  69. QuirkyQuips123
  70. LaughOutLoudLife
  71. GigglesAndGrins321

These are some of the BeReal username ideas that you can try for your BeReal profile. Moreover, just don’t exactly use them, but this list is just to give an idea. You can try using these as the base, and create an amazing username for you.


BeReal is a great platform for the real people. If you are someone who hates filters and wants to look real, BeReal is for you. If you have selected a username that you think is boring, it is time to change it. I have shared a list of amazing username ideas that you can consider to create one for you.

I have already explained how you can change your BeReal username, and also, the ideas shared. You have everything with you to get started to change your username on your favorite platform, BeReal.

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