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You might have faced it – We are talking about the game of Hexanaut. If you have been on the look out to play the game, and find it difficult due to the location that you are in? The captivating cool math games is quite exciting, but it comes with a few typical issues such as location restrictions. If you are looking to play the unblocked game, this post is definitely for you. Let us learn how to play the Hexanaut unblocked game. unblocked game

The best way to play hexanaut game is to play it on proxy servers such as Coolmath Games, CrazyGames, and These are just a few of the best options to help you play your games with ease. You can perhaps explore other options as well for enjoying your favourite unblocked game.

What Is Hexanaut Unblocked game?

Have you ever wondered what  is Hexanaut Unblocked and why it is blocked? In fact, the game Hexanaut Unblocked has created a huge impact in the gaming arena. Let us find what makes the game one of the best options.

Hexanaut Unblocked is an online multiplayer game. You stand to gain an innovative and immersive gaming experience in a visually stunning experience with the best virtual universe. The game works with one objective that makes it auite addictive – You have  to capture hexagons, capture the territories and then become the king of the Hexanaut world.

Why is Hexanaut Unblocked a popular game?

The unique concept and functionality offered by the Hexanaut Unblocked game stand out is its unique gameplay. It simply offers you an uninterrupted gameplay. That in itself should make the game stand out in comparison from the other similar games.

The best part with the unblocked games lies in the fact that these games can be played with no interruptions whatsoever. You can play the game with no restrictions of any nature and interruptions. If you are a die hard gamer, you would find it the best and perfect game you wish to play.

Some of the worthy options that would make the Hexanaut Unblocked a truly powerful game would include

  • The 3D multiplayer experience.
  • An exciting gameplay that keeps moving ahead.
  • The ability to gain a lot of totems, extra powers and bonus.
  • Great looking visuals

Why is Hexanaut blocked?

Well, now that you know how exciting and unique is Hexanaut cool math game, you would also want to know details of how to play the game. But, most of you would find the Hexanaut game blocked for you. It is important to learn why your Hexanaut game is blocked and how to unblock your game.

There are several reasons why is Hexanaut blocked for you. Some of the reasons why Hexanaut is blocked can include

  • Restrictions by network – Schools, offices and public networks tend to block access to the online games such as Hexanaut. This is done to safeguard privacy or for improved productivity.
  • Geographical restrictions – The game may be restricted in specific areas. This can have several reasons, most of which may include licensing agreements or local regulations.
  • Firewall and security settings – The firewall and security settings on your device can prevent your access to some websites such s Hexanaut game.

How to unblock Hexanaut Cool math game?

That’s how the hxanaut game can get blocked and you would be unable to play the game. However, you can easily unblock Hexanaut game and play it to your heart’s content. Some of the practical solutions to paly unblocked Hexanaut game would be to use a VPN service or choose a proxy server.

Use a VPN service

A VPN service lets you access the internet content through a secure and encrypted connection by masking your IP address. That way, you would bee able to access the georesricted content by changing the server of the country. VPN service is one of the excellent options to help you bypass network restrictions and access the blocked websites.

Use proxy servers

A proxy server is a connection that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. It lets you access your content by routing your connection through a different IP address.

Use browser extensions

Browser extensions are used for enhancing the functionality on your browser. Some specific extensions can help you bypass geo restrictions and play your cool math games   comfortably. 

The Closing Thoughts

It is quite simple and easy to unblock and play if you follow the the proxy service or VPN service. Access the right service and you can enjoy the thrilling world of Hexanaut game. However, when using the proxy servers and VPN services, ensure that you are respecting the terms and conditions of the service. Unleash the game, and enjoy the best gaming experience.


Can you play game at school?

Yes, you can play game at school, Unblocked Hexanaut game can be a reality if you are following the right protocols.

What are the tricks to use in playing Hexanaut unblocked game? 

To enjoy Hexanuat game, use strategic moves when capturing the hexagons and get totems to gain a better advantage. It is also advisable to team up with friends for gaining a better advantage.

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