What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat Texts? (Usage and Examples)

KMS means “Kill Myself” in texting on Snapchat. Moreover, it can have different meanings as well in different contexts. Thus, I have written this article for you to get all the details about the slang KMS.

Social Media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and many more such, are the online virtual platforms where most people nowadays hang out to chat, make audio/video calls, and many other things. The most convenient option is text-based chat which they use to talk while they are working. Text-based chat is not new; it has been evolving over time.

What does KMS mean on snapchat
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Earlier we used to use SMS which had a word-count limit for every message. Also, every message you used to send had a fixed cost. Thus, to include more chatter in fewer words, people started using abbreviations. It was started for another purpose, but now, even if you don’t have to pay for each message, such abbreviations are still in use because it has become a trend. People think they look cool when they use such terminologies.

There is nothing bad in using these. Yes, you look cool and classy when you use these slang.

There must be 1000s of such abbreviations out there that people use, and today, I am discussing KMS’s meaning on Snapchat Text.

What Does “KMS” Mean on Snapchat and Other Social Media Platforms?

1. “KMS” on Snapchat: The Melodramatic Expression

If you are not a social media freak, you would think that KMS is for kilometers, right? We have been taught that way. But, on Snapchat, “KMS” doesn’t refer to kilometers instead, It means “Kill Myself“.  Generally, it is commonly used to express exaggerated frustration or melodrama.

Here are a few Examples of using KMS in texts:

  • “My phone died before I could finish watching the latest episode. KMS! ????” (Here the person is not actually saying to kill him rather it is an expression to say when something he wanted to finish but didn’t happen that way)
  • “Didn’t get the concert tickets I wanted. KMS, seriously.” (Here, again, when someone didn’t get the tickets to his favorite concert, he is showing his frustration by using “KMS”).

2. “KMS” on Discord: Consistent Meaning Across Platforms

Similarly, on Discord, “KMS” retains its meaning as “Kill Myself.” The usage mirrors that on Snapchat, emphasizing exaggerated emotions or dissatisfaction with a situation.

Example Sentences of KMS usages on Discord:

  • “This game update is taking forever. KMS!” (Here, the gamer is frustrated because he is not able to play the game as the game update is taking so much time. Thus, he is showing his frustration by using  “Kill Myself” word as KMS)
  • “Exams coming up. KMS, needs more time to prepare.” (Here, the person is frustrated as he didn’t prepare well for the exam in the said time, and he is thinking perhaps he would get more time to prepare. )

3. “KMS” in Cars: The Literal Meaning of Kilometers

As I mentioned earlier if it is not social media, we would think that KMS means Kilometers. Right? And, here if we talk about cars or any travel-related thing, KMS would mean Kilometers.

Example Sentences showing usage of KMS related to Cars:

  • “I am Checking the KMS on the used car before buying that.” (Here the person is stating that he is checking the KMS=kilometers of the used car so that he would know how many kilometers the car has already travelled. Then he can make a buying decision.)
  • “This car has clocked quite a few KMS, might need maintenance.”  (Here the user says, the car has already traveled a lot, so it might need more maintenance).

Various Other Similar Social Media Terminology

As I mentioned earlier apart from “KMS,” there are many such acronyms and expressions that have been prevalent on social media platforms for years, and the usage of these has been increasing.

Let’s check a few more such acronyms.

1. “HMU” – The Invitation to Connect

“HMU” means “Hit Me Up,” Which says inviting others to connect when needed

Example Sentences to show the usage “HMU” in Texting

  • “Got free tickets for the movie tonight! HMU if interested.”
  • “New to the city, looking for friends. HMU for a coffee meet-up.”
  • “I will be going to the sports club tomorrow, HMU if you want to go along.”

2. GTS and SU

GTS means “Good Times” or “Go To Sleep” in texting on social platforms. Depending on the context you are chatting, you can get an idea of the meaning.

Similarly, “SU” signifies either “Swipe Up” or “Shut Up” based on the ongoing conversation.

Example Sentences for “GTS” and “SU“:

  • “Sharing old photos with friends, reminiscing about GTS.” (Here it is used for. “Good Times”)
  • It’s late. GTS. (Here it is used for “Go to Sleep”)
  • “Late-night chats can be tiring. SU and get some rest.” (Here SU is used to say “Shut Up”).

Final Words

When you get to know and understand how KMS and other slang should be used while texting on Snapchat and other social sites, you are confident to use them.

Remember, while social media slang adds fun and expressiveness, sometimes it maybe totally foreign to some of your buddies who are not much into these. In those situations, don’t make your friends feel embarrassed rather clarify what you wanted to say with that slang.

In essence, the world of social media slang continues to evolve, enriching online interactions with new expressions and acronyms. Embracing this linguistic trend can make online engagements more engaging and vibrant.

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