Discord Says I Have a Direct Message. How to Fix This Error? 

In today’s digital world, Discord is one social media service that has been able to gain a lot of essence and importance. It has become the go to platform for gamers, streamers, and various online communities. However, as with any other platform, using Discord also comes with its own set of error messages or glitches. One such glitch is the persistent notification about a Direct Message pending. How do you fix the error where Discord says you have a Direct Message? Let us try finding out.

Quick Answer

Discord may say you have a direct message for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons may be a glitch in the app, a pending friend request, or may be due to a promotion of Discord premium service. To fix it, you must opt for the methods based on what causes this error. Some of the options would include restarting your app, clearing the app cache, and checking the Nitro tab on your Discord app.   

Discord says I have a direct message. How to fix this error? 

Discrord messages or notifications play a significant role in keeping you informed about new messages, friend requests, and other server activities. When you have a message, a red dot icon appears on your Discord icon, thus indicating that you have a direct message or notification pending. However, at times, it so happens that you have cleared all the unread messages, but still, you would witness the red dot persist on your Discord profile.

This can leave one confused about the actual cause for the persisting direct message notification. Based on what is causing the persistent notification of a private message, let us try finding the fixes.

Check your Nitro tab

One of the most possible and primary reasons for the persistent  DM notification on Discord is the Nitro ad on your account. Nitro, if you ar unaware, is the Premium service from Discord. If you have a Nitro related ad or notification, it can show up as the Red dot or pending notification. You can simply check the Nitro tab and clear any notifications from there.

If you are on the desktop version of Discord, you should find the Nitro tab under the Home tab. Resolving any pending message from the Nitro tab can help you fix the error efficiently.

You have a friend request

If you have a pending friend request, it may also appear in Discord as the red dot under notifications. It should not normally do so, as the friend requests are typically shown in their own tab. But app glitches can sometimes create confusion wherein the friend request may show up as a pending direct message.

If you have not checked your friend request section for a while, you can consider checking it out and clearing the friend requests by either accepting or deleting the requests. The message should be gone once you dismiss any pending friend requests.

It may just be a glitch

It is quite possible that apps sometimes face glitches or bugs. This may be quite common when your app is outdated, and you have not updated the app in a while. If it is a glitch, there is nothing you can do about it. The issue should typically be fixed by Discord from their end.

You can consider reporting the problem to Discord. However, it should be noted that Discord may take its own time to fix the glitch. It is a waiting game until Discord decides to fix the glitch.

Refresh your Discord app

Another good option to fix the issue of persistent direct message notification is to refresh Discord. If you use Discord as a desktop portal, refreshing it should not bee a huge task. This will help resolve the site related issues on Discord.

You ca also consider closing the app and restarting it if you are using the app or standalone software for Discord. If the bug is caused by the site related issues, the persistent notification should be gone.

Clear app cache

Cache files can get corrupted and clearing the cache should ideally help you fix most of the issues on your Discord app or desktop portal. Clearing the cache will largely be dependent on the browser that you are on.

If you are on Windows, you can use the key combination Ctrl+Shift+Del. On Mac, follow the key combination Command+Shift+Delete. Otherwise, you may also use the steps and methods relevant to your browser settings, if the keyboard shortcuts do not work for any reason.

Closing Thoughts

The persisting Direct Message can be a concern if you cannot find the message that Discord says you have received. However, the fixes that we have outlined below should ideally help you fix the issues quite comfortably. If everything else fails, consider updating your Discord app or resetting your Discord profile. If you find all those steps fail, and you are unable to get rid of the message that indicates you still have a Direct Message, the only way left for you is to connect with Discord customer support and report the error you are facing.

If you find Discord’s direct message not working due to any reason, you may check out the steps here above.


Why is Discord saying I have a message, but I don’t?

Most possibly, this can be due to an app glitch. Sometimes, it may also result from a muted Discord server. Refreshing your Discord app or checking the Nitro tab can ideally help you fix the error and get your Discord app back on track.

Does Discord show notifications for all messages?

By default, Discord can only show notifications for your direct messages and mentions. However, if you wish, you can configure Discord to show you notifications for all messages.

Why can’t I see some messages on Discord?

When a server is experiencing some downtime or a technical glitch, you may end up facing the notification about a direct message, but you cannot find the message. It is also possible that you may also fail to send messages in this case.

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