Tips to Make you a Pokemon go Master

So you’ve figured out the basics of catching Pokémon, shaking down PokéStops for supplies, and hitting the gym to train or battle. Now you’re ready for some next-level education. Here are several tips that will help you gain more levels in less time, train stronger Pokémon, and win more battles. Conserve Poké Balls Image via Flickr by Shikiro Famu Early ... Read More »

Happy Friendship Day: Know these Friendship Day facts

The first Sunday of the month of August is celebrated as Friendship Day and brings in happiness in people’s lives. Friendship Day is a popular culture in western countries, but in India this day was popularized by Karan Johar (the famous Director) in 1998 through the character of Rahul and Anjali in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Friendship Day Bands online ... Read More »