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3 years back, 2 Indian youngsters, Atish Ranjan & Zainil Dedhia, met each other on an online forum. And soon then, they started working together. Being more specific, they have been blogging together from all these years. Currently, they are running the following 3 blogs:

  1. Tech Tricks World
  2. Stoogles

Tech Tricks World:

Way back in 2010, on 4th June, the 1st blog TTW was launched. It was started on the Blogger platform & then on 10th May 2011 it was moved to self-hosting & WordPress. TTW is a tech blog, which currently has a PR 3 & Alexa Rank around 26,000. On TTW, you will find updates related to Gadget Reviews, Blogging & Money Making Tips, SEO etc… Another things for which TTW is well known for is, Software Giveaways. The admins at TTW have organized numerous software giveaways for their readers.

2012 Onwards:

After getting well settled with Tech Tricks World, the 2 youngsters decided to launch another blog & thus came the blog – 2012 Onwards. This blog was launched on 1st January, 2012. At present, this blog has a PR 2 & Alexa Rank around 126,000. On 2012 Onwards, you will find updates related to Gadgets. The blog is updated with the posts related to Cell Phone, Tablets, Apps etc…


After getting very good results from the 1st 2 blogs, they then decided to start with the 3rd blog, which was launched on 23rd September 2012! If you want to learn SEO, then Stoogles is the right place. From basics to advanced, all the material topics of SEO will be well explained on Stoogles. To know more about Stoogles, please read the Welcome Post on Stoogles.

This was a brief introduction to the 3 assets of these 2 youngsters. If you have got any queries or want to know anything more, then don’t hesitate to contact us! 🙂


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