How to Switch Back to Personal Account on Instagram – 2024

Before 2014, Instagram had been offering only personal accounts, but in 2014, they launched a Professional Account, and then people started to turn their profiles into professional accounts as it gives more tools for professional use. Further in 2018, the professional account was split into a Creator account, and a Business account.

In this article, we will guide you on how to Switch Back to a Personal account if you have already switched your profile to a professional profile. Later, we will also discuss all the benefits you get from professional accounts.

How to Switch Back to The Personal Account on Instagram?

Step 1: Launch Instagram on Your Phone.

Step 2: Tap “Settings and Privacy

Step 3: Tap “Account Type and Tools

Step 4: Tap “Switch to Personal Account

Step 5: Tap to “Confirm”.

switch to personal account

That’s it! Your professional account will be switched to a Personal Account.

Note: Every time you switch back to a personal account, your insights data on Instagram will be deleted which you see in the professional account.

What Differences Are There in Personal and Professional Instagram Account?

As per the name, Personal accounts are used for personal use such as sharing personal photos and moments. You don’t think much about the reach and all. When it comes to professional accounts, you generally use it to promote some services of yours, and thus for tracking the performance you get advanced analytics from Instagram. You get detailed insights and analytics of your account. You get CTA buttons that you can use for advertising and you get Instagram Ad Manager access as well.

Here is a head-to-head differences between Personal and Professional Instagram accounts:

AspectPersonal AccountProfessional Account
Intended UseSharing personal moments, interests, and updatesBusiness promotion, brand building, content sharing
AnalyticsBasic insights (likes, comments)Advanced analytics (demographics, impressions, reach)
Privacy SettingsControl over who sees content and followersSimilar privacy settings with added business options.
Contact FeaturesLimited contact options“Contact” buttons, action buttons, advertising tools.
Insights & PerformanceLimited performance trackingDetailed post insights, audience demographics.
Ad CampaignsNot available for running adsAccess to Instagram Ads Manager for ad campaigns.

Now, further, the Professional account is divided into Business and Creator accounts where business accounts are used by businesses for showcasing their products and services. On the other hand, creator account is for influencers who look for content creation, and audience engagement.

Here is the difference table:

Creator Acccount Vs. Business Account

AspectCreator AccountBusiness Account
Target UsersContent creators, influencers, artistsBusinesses, brands, organizations
FocusContent creation, audience engagementMarketing, advertising, business promotion
Analytics & InsightsDetailed insights on audience & contentMarketing-focused analytics & ad performance
Contact FeaturesAdditional contact options for creatorsContact buttons for businesses
Message ManagementMessage filtering & labels for DMsSimilar messaging features with business tools
Growth RecommendationsTailored growth insights for creatorsMarketing strategies & ad campaign recommendations
Monetization FeaturesPotential monetization tools for creatorsIntegration with Facebook ads for business
Ad ManagementLimited or no direct ad management featuresAccess to Instagram Ads Manager for ad creation
Audience InteractionFocus on engaging audience through contentEmphasis on promoting products or services

Why Should You Switch To The Personal Instagram Account?

There are many benefits of switching to personal Instagram, and that is the reason many are switching to it. However, different benefits are associated with each type of account.

  • More organic Reach: Many Instagram users have noticed that after switching their personal Instagram accounts, their organic reach improved. Many believe that when you have a professional account, your organic reach goes low because Instagram may want to push you to run ads. But, there is no such evidence nor is this written anywhere. This is just a speculation as per the reach users see in their accounts.
  • Private Account: If you are someone who is just using Instagram to connect with only a few family members and friends, then you can make your account Private which is only possible if your account is personal. You cannot make your professional Instagram account private. So, for better privacy, a personal account is better, and one of the reasons to switch to it.

Although there are benefits, there are many negatives as well such as you lose detailed insights, and other business tool access as well.

So, if you are only using Instagram to connect with your friends and family, a Personal account is good. but, if you are looking for professional use, go for a professional account!

Hope you understand the benefits of a Personal Instagram account, and also how you can switch to the personal account.

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