The All-new Flappy Royale

Flappy Bird had to be one of the most sought-after games in 2014. It was developed by Vietnamese game artist and programmer Dong Nguyen, under his game development company dotGears.

Flappy Bird was ideated and developed by Nguyen in just a few days. Faby, the bird character, was originally designed in 2012. The company dotGears, described its games as “heavily influenced by retro pixelated games in its golden age. Everything is pure, extremely hard and incredibly fun to play”. The game was initially criticized for its high-level difficulty, plagiarism in graphics and game mechanics, while some reviewers found it addictive.

On February 8, 2014, Nguyen announced on Twitter that the game was to be removed from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Following the removal, many media outlets reported that several merchants on eBay were offering phones which had the app pre-installed for US $ 14, 99 or more, with some receiving bids of over $90,000, however, the listings were removed for violating eBay’s rule stating that smartphones must be restored to factory settings before being sold.

developers Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker(with contributions from Zach Gage) developed new game Flappy Royale. It mashes together the endless flapping gameplay of Flappy Bird with the last-bird-standing style of the battle royale genre that’s all the rage these days.

Until recently, Flappy Royale was available on mobile as an open beta. But Therox announced that the game was out now in an official form on both iOS and Android. It’s also still available on the web. The re-release of this classic game has made quite an entrance on social media. Its availability on the browser has added to one of its gripping factors. The game is similar in style to Mario Royale which offered a similar survival experience with classic Mario stages.

Flappy Royale is the inevitable Flappy Bird battle royale, playable in your browser. The new version was introduced to give the users a fresher outlook of the whole gaming experience and to offer thoroughgoing satisfaction. Overall the resurfacing of this mobile game promises to render great challenges with sheer convenience.

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