Online Gaming Trends to Expect in 2017

With the seamlessly changing technology, new trends in online gaming have become a daily thing. The entire focus of the creators seems to be enhancing the fun part. The specifics of the same focuses on substance, design, and content that are evolving. All the specifics are seeing a trend change with the rising technologies and business models in the industries such as sports betting.

Here are some trends we can expect in the year 2017.

Adoption of VR Devices

The impact of the VR Devices is likely to slow down and reach adoption rates. So will the price point note see a change? As with any given industry with innovation as its first hold, the VR experiences that have been not so good will be countered.

You can also find system sellers with the same. You can see some challenges in the discoverability part eventually. Even if we have a finite number of VR apps, that won’t be very overwhelming. As a consumer, you are expected to learn the art of differentiating and incrementally improving on the beginners in order to gain the advantage. Make sure to consider the platform and the ways that are going to shape up the concepts in the games.


SuperData Research has planned for the market to reach a $1.9B by the end of the year 2018. This is big. It actually means approximately 1 billion by the end of the year 2017. The viewership perspective is expected to see a massive rise as per the statistics reported at the end of the year 2015.

The numbers seem to be enough convincing for eSports, and the field appears to grow. As for substance-wise, the analysts have a say on it. They have analyzed that the industry awaits for the moment where the new entrant will figure out the method to build a truly powerful game on e-sports and see a considerable market share.

This, in turn, opens the question about wagering on e-Sports and since the success of sports betting is undeniable, it’s quite logical to expect all major betting sites to fully support this new industry. Over the last couple of years, games such as DOTA, Starcraft, Counterstrike and League of Legends have built armies of fans and tournament systems, with rewards worth millions of dollars. It is only a matter of time before e-sports become tied with traditional sports, with all the associated opportunities and threats for the gaming operators. It is already possible to take a punt on virtual sports with certain bookmakers and the demand is only going to get up.

Evolution of business models

The sustainability is a factor, yet some actual evolution can be expected. Specifically, in the betting sites market, the business models will seemingly rise. Moreover, a slight transition towards the transparent monetization mechanics has taken place. There has also raised some popular titles in the same. The primary point to notice in a free-to-play business model is how fun the model compared to the rest, and this decides the feasibility of the business model in the long run. If you are a developer, ensure that the approach is made carefully. A super deep understanding must be present in order to survive in the market.

AR Second Comers

If you haven’t expected this, please start doing it. The lower development costs and the accessibility ensure that the Augmented Reality in the game studios remains. The game-changing development would likely be something misleadingly primarily that draws in groups of onlookers well beyond alleged feasible niches.

An essential title to look out for will be Pokémon Go, Nintendo’s title turning out this year for mobile phones. With the support of such a brand, the area will have an effect. It additionally helps that the engineer Niantic has understood from the field through Google’s Ingress and thus has raised an impressive investment. Therefore, AR diversion configuration can either go the relentless course, i.e. mean to take advantage of the truth around us and change it for amusement purposes, or take an occasion based course where particular game plans are being made for a restricted measure of time to encourage the diversion being played.

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