Does BeReal Notify Screenshots?

In today’s digital world, privacy is an extremely important and essential element. Are you a BeReal user and checking out if the BeReal profile find out if you take a screenshot from their profile? If you have been taking screenshots from someone else’s BeReal profile, this information should be extremely important for you.

BeReal does not notify the screenshots to the users per se. You will find that your screenshot has been taken, but you will not get a complete information. Whenever someone takes a screenshot of your profile, you will find an icon next to your profile photo. This will indicate that some one has taken a screenshot, but you will need to tp on this icon to find who has taken a screenshot. 

Does BeReal Notify Screenshots?

BeReal actively monitors when someone takes a screenshot on your profile. It will notify you when someone takes a screenshot from your profile. However, it is in sharp contrast to the way SnapChat notifies your screenshots. SnapChat shares a complete banner to you, while BeReal simply places a tiny icoon next to your profile icon.

does bereal notify screenshots

If you are on an Android, the tiny icon beside your photo will showcase the shutter icon which indicates that you have been screenshot. On an iPhone, the icon will display a number which indicates the number of people who have taken a screenshot from your profile.

Can You See Who Screenshot You on BeReal?

Yes, you can find who screenshot your BeReal profile. But, the steps involved in how to find who screenshoted your profile can be dependent on the platform you are on. The steps would differ based on whether you are on Android or iOS.

If you are on Android, you can simply taap on the icon beside your BeReal profile. It will reveal the number of screenshots taken from your profile, the list of people who have screenshot you.

However, on an iPhone, the steps will be slightly different. Tapping on the icon beside your profile will take you a screen which shows you the number and list of people who have screenshot you. However, before you can find the list of people who have screenshot you, it is essential to share BeReal with others. Once you do that the list and the names of the people who have screenshotted will be shown to you.


Sharing your BeReal profile through this means will have an ad for BeReal and will encourage the other user to sign up for the BeReal service.

Why Does BeReal Notify Who Screenshot you?

BeReal places a lot of impetus on your safety and privacy. Notifying the screenshots is one of the ways BeReal ensures that your privacy is taken care of. BeReal has several ways to protect your privacy and notifying the screenshots is just one of them.

BeReal wants to create  safe space for you and it wants you to be your true self. It offers you one of the excellent options for creating an online environment that is healthy. If it finds taht someone is invading your privacy and infringing upon your personal limits, BeReal simply removes them and notifies you about any of these issues.

How to Screenshot Someone on BeReal Without Them Knowing?

Can you screenshot someone without letting them know that they have been screenshot? There are a few of the best options, but we do not recommend using it haphazardly without any limits. Exercise caution when following the alternate methods below. 

Method 1 – Record the BeReal Screen

You can use a screen recording service for recording your BeReal screen. That way, BeReal will not know that you are taking a screen shot of the screen or profile. You can sue any of your favourite screen recorders for the purpose. Some Android devices come with built-in screen recorders.

Once the BeReal screen is recorded, you can take a screenshot from the screen recording you have taken.

Method 2 – Take an image using another device 

You can take an image using another device. Open BeReal screen that you wish to take a screenshot of. Use another device to take an image of the screen. You can then edit the image to make it look like a proper screenshot.

Can I See Who Screenshot My BeReal Images from the Past?

No, BeReal can let you check who took a screenshot of your profile in the last 24 hours. Of course, if you have the habit of checking who ha screenshot your profile, you can get the details of the person who has screenshot you. However, if you tend to check  it every now and then, you can get the list of only those users who have screenshot you in the last 24 hours.

Of course, you can check the images that you shared in the past in the Memories section within the app. You can download it from there and share with others on BeReal or outside it. But, you will not be able to find if anyone screenshot your images in the past.

Does BeReal Show Screenshots Of RealMojis?

If you have been a BeReal user, you must be aware of the RealMojis feature on the app. When you post an image on BeReal, your friends can post RealMojis just as in the case Facebook to some extent. There are times when you may like the RealMojis shared by your friends on your profile mage or anyone else’s BeReal posts. So, does BeReal notify the screenshots of RealMojis?

Well, no. If you screenshot a RealMoji shared by your friends on your profile or anyone else’s profile, these screenshots will not be notified. However, if the screenshot of the RealMoji has someone’s image in the background, such screenshot will be notified. Please not that BeReal will notify the profile of the person who image is screenhsot, not the person who shared the RealMoji.

In Conclusion

BeReal is an excellent app. As more and more people are using BeReal, there are several negative aspects that has brought with it. One of them is how people take the screenshots of BeReal profile and may even misuse it. That is exactly why BeReal notifies the screenshots. Screenshot notifications offer the users on BeReal to be confident about how they present themselves on the app.

Being true to oneself is the best way to live ones life. BeReal does provide a great platform for the purpose.

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