Does Instagram Notify Screenshots?

Today, the world belongs to social media. Everyone here knows what everyone else is doing. Among the host of social media platforms, Instagram comes as one of the most prevalent ones with the outstanding features. The reels and stories have been the most innovative features offered by Instagram that have made it ultra-popular.

Have you ever wondered whether Instagram notifies you when one takes a screenshot? Let us find the details.

Quick Answer-

Instagram does not notify when someone screenshots a post, reels or stories. This is applicable to the screenshots of direct messages as well. However, Instagram notifies the user when someone takes a screenshot of a disappearing message or post.

Does Instagram Notify Screenshots? 

No, Instagram does not notify when a screenshot of a story is taken. This is applicable to direct messages, posts, Reels, and everything else posted on the platform. In fact, you would find the same policy across every app that belongs to the Meta family, such as Facebook and WhatsApp.


Instagram does not even notify the users when someone takes a screenshot of a profile. The only time a notification is sent to the user is when a screenshot of anything shared in the Vanish mode is taken.

When Does Instagram Notify a Screenshot? 

The only time Instagram notifies a screenshot is when someone takes a screenshot of a conversation in the Direct messages. Here, too, most of the message, including images and videos, can be screenshots. However, if you have used the Vanish mode for your messages, and someone takes your screenshot, Instagram notifies you.

When you are using the Vanish mode for direct messages,   and you take a screenshot, you will get a message indicating You took a screenshot. When someone else takes a screenshot of a direct message sent in Vansih mode, you will get the message <username> took a screenshot. 

When someone screenshots a message in the Vanish mode, a circle appears beside it. This can be an indication that a screenshot has been taken. Sometimes, you may not find the circle but may receive a message from the username who might have screenshot your message. If the message is blank, it may be an indicator that a screenshot is taken.

Can you Screenshot on Instagram Without Notifying users?

Are you looking to screenshot a disappearing message (or a video or an image)? You can do so without notifying the user. In fact, this is not something you can do by default but through a few workarounds.

Take a screenshot from the web version.

You can open Instagram from your desktop and take a screenshot. This will not notify the user. However, do note that Instagram may choose to disable this as well.

Screenshot the content offline.

You can open the content that you want to screenshot, turn off the internet (mobile data or WiFi), and then take the screenshot. Instagram needs an internet connection to notify the users.

Take a photograph with another device.

If you have another device that can capture, you can consider taking a screenshot using another device – be it a camera, tablet, or phone. Since you are not taking a screenshot on the app, Instagram will not be able to notify the users.

Does Instagram Notify People When You Screen Record?

Instagram does not notify users when you screen record the content. You can easily screen record or screenshot content, which may include a story, a post, or even a reel. However, if you screen record a disappearing message, Instagram will notify the user – just the way it notifies screenshots of a disappearing message.

This is applicable to the DMs sent over in the vanish mode. Instagram had a loophole that failed to notify the screen recording of Vanish messages, but now it has been fixed.

Does Instagram Notify Users When You Screenshot DMs?

No, Instagram does not notify users when you screenshot a DM, except when you take a screenshot from a DM in Vansih Mode. The user will be notified only when someone takes a screenshot from a Direct Message that consists of disappearing videos or images.The

Disappearing images and videos are the ones that are taken from an Instagram account directly using the camera. These messages can only be seen once, and they disappear as soon as the message is read or seen by the recipient.

Instagram does not notify users when someone takes a screenshot of an image that is shared from a gallery. Vanish Mode DMs are shared with the specific setting, and anyone screenshotting them will instantly be notified.

The Concluding Thoughts

Instagram does not typically notify taking screenshots to the users. You can easily take a screenshot of a story, post, or direct message. Except for a direct message in the Vanish mode, all other screenshots are not notified to the user.

However, we would suggest respecting the privacy of the user before you can take a screenshot. Make sure that you are following the guidelines that concern the data of the users. If the other user reports you, your account may run the risk of getting suspended or deactivated.


Can I know if someone screenshot my Instagram Story?

As of now, there is no way you can find when someone screenshot your Instagram Story. Instagram does not send any notification when anyone screenshots your Story on Instagram.

Does Instagram notify DM screenshots?

Instagram does not notify the regular DMs when they are screenshots. However, if the DM has the content such as message, video or image in the Vanish mode or disappearing mode, anyone screenshotting them will be notified.

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