5 Amazing Apps That Every Windows Smartphone Users Must Have

A smartphone is only as productive as the kind of app that you have installed in it. While we all know the huge variety of apps are available for the iPhone and Android phone users, the Windows phone users are quietly swept under the carpet. In recent times, Windows is going all out to create smarter and innovative apps that would give its competitors iOS and Android a tough run for its money. Currently, the Windows app marketplace has more than 50,000 apps. Here are 5 amazing apps that everyone must have.


1. Phonealytics

Keeping tracking of the web traffic has become an integral part of all businesses; everyone uses the Google Analytics to analyze the web traffic data. To help you get access to this data on the move, Google offers Phonealytics, a free mobile app that is loaded with cool features. The app gives you useful information about the daily visitors to your website through statistics, the kind of keywords that is performing the best, the number of organic traffic received every day, the list of referring domains and many more. There a paid version of the app, which costs $1.99, if you subscribe for the paid version you would get a windows tile that would automatically updated the web traffic data.

2. Amazon

The trend of mobile shopping is on the rise. To make the task of shopping easy and reach out to a large number of potential shoppers, Amazon, one of the most popular e-commerce stores around the world created the Aamzon mobile app. With this app on your phone, you would literally never run out of choice for any products that you want to buy, be it office stationery, books or gift items for your loved one. At Amazon you would find plenty of option for all kinds of products. Additionally, while shopping through the app, you get a chance to use the amazon vouchers that help you get valuable discounts on your purchases.

3. Evernote

Evernot is a useful app for everyone, no matter if you are a student or a working professional we all take notes while brainstorming over a project or while planning for a birthday party. With Evernote at your disposal, taking notes becomes more fun as it not only helps you jot down the text pointers but also allows you to attach photos and audio recordings to it. Windows phone users can pin an Evernote tile to the start screen.

4. SkyDrive

The SkyDrive is a cloud storage facility that was integrated with the Windows 7.5 phone OS update. The app lets you create backup of all your important documents and photos.

5. HandyScan

This is an excellent app, especially for the working professionals. If you ever need to scan any document urgently, with HandyScam installed on your phone, you need not run around to find a scanner. Instead, you can use the app to scan all your receipts, reports, business cars, invoices and many more using your mobile camera. The app also lets you send the scanned images through e-mail or create a backup of the documents on the cloud storage facilities like SkyDrive or Dropbox. There is a paid version of the app allows you to convert the scanned documents to PDF files.

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