LEO Privacy Guard Review

LEO Privacy Guard is the No. 1 privacy protection tool for your device and can actually hide any folder you like. It is a special App Lock, which is designed in order to hide all your personal data, like SMS messages, photos, videos or contacts, so no one can see them. By using this amazing tool, you have the option to lock apps, by just using a password or a PIN, and this way you can be certain that your personal data is secured. In fact, with this multi-directional protection, as well as the premium functions, you don’t have to worry about anything; with just one click, you can scan the privacy status of your device.

LEO Privacy Guard

How to Set It Up

You can start by downloading the LEO Privacy Guard. You can install it very easily, and then you need to put a password and answer a security question, just in case you need it in the future. For instance, you can choose the apps you want to cover, by tapping on App Lock. If you try to open a protected app, you will see a splash screen, where you will be asked to enter your password.

The Most Important Features

This version of Privacy Guard has to offer you a lot of useful options. The most important feature of this app is the App, Lock, where you have the option to secure safely all your personal data. There is also the ‘Protection’ app, which tells you if your device is susceptible to a security risk. This tool actually tells you what features of LEO Security you have utilized. Another very important tool in this app is the ‘Boost’ feature. It can actually clean up all your RAM memory and can give a boost to your phone, in order to be able to run much faster than before. The Privacy Scanner is also one of the most interesting new additions of this app and can check your device. In fact, there is an updated version of the privacy scanner feature, which is used mainly in order to check the wi-fi network of your home and at the same time can help you lock your photos and videos. In addition, the ‘App Cover’ gives you even more security for your personal data. You can even decide to have a fake call if you wish, an error message, as well as some other screens to pop up whenever you want.

The Anti-Theft Lock

This is a special additional tool that is added to the LEO Privacy Guard and can protect your phone in case it’s stolen or lost. With this app you can lock all your private data and can even delete them if you wish. Also this special tool is combined with an added break in alert feature, which in fact photographs the person who’s trying to have an access to your private information. This is an improved security facility, which is provided by the latest version of this app. It makes it one of the most preferred apps among the users.

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