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Any internet marketer’s dream is to have an unlimited number of sales each day. If you have been here in this domain for a while, you probably know that sales do not happen automatically. You need to generate leads at first.

In order to generate leads, you must make your audience like what you are offering. If you ask an experienced digital marketer what do they do to produce a decent number of leads, their answer will be these two words ‘landing pages.’

Yeah! Good landing pages have the best conversion rates comparing with all the other lead magnets. So today, I am going to review an incredible lead generation tool, WishPond through this post.

What is WishPond?

In fact, WishPond is a landing page generator. A lead is the foundation of your sales funnel. If you never get any lead, better you leave the internet marketing because you are not going to get any sale either.

And, getting a lead doesn’t mean it will be converted to a sale also. You have to nurture each lead and satisfy your potential customers at first. WishPond has a set of tools to nurture your leads so that it will give you a number of sales with good conversion rate.

So, it’s time to take a dive into the incredible specs of WishPond landing page generator.

Features of WishPond Landing Page Generator

WishPond is not the only landing page generating tool out there. But trust me! Once you use WishPond, everything else will seem like an amateur to you as all of the other tools, which serves the very same purpose lack a lot of features that WishPond has.

#1. A Beautiful Set of Templates

Not every internet marketer is an expert in coding. In my case, I am not a coding geek that I can’t develop a beautiful landing page with a set of code snippets.

But as a WishPond user, you don’t have to worry. They have a user-friendly drag and drop builder. Still a question remains unanswered. What if you can’t create a beautiful landing page through that drag and drop builder?

Keep calm and use the preloaded templates! WishPond has got a bunch of beautiful templates which can be utilized efficiently for your creation.

Click here to see the examples of best landing pages.

#2. WordPress Plugin


As a WordPress blogger, I like using plugin version of tools rather than particular website version. I think you also like the same.

WishPond knows the mindset of marketers. That’s why they launched a WP plugin even though the entire tasks can be done through their website after signing up.

Luckily, you can capture up to 2000 leads for free with this plugin. When you cross this threshold, you will have to pay for further usage.

#3. 100% Mobile Responsive Design


As smartphones take charge as your mini-computer, you can’t stay blind towards the mobile traffic. Even if you don’t have a landing page, you should always be concerned about the mobile responsiveness of your website.

But here your concern will be kicked out the first time you see a WishPond landing page on a mobile device. All the landing pages you create with WishPond will be 100% mobile responsive.

#4. Real-time Stats


Have you got any viral website that is getting a lot of hits every moment?

Then you must check out this feature. Real-time stats will show how many active users are there on your landing pages. If you sense something wrong, it is even possible to make changes even when the landing pages are live.

#5. Affordable Pricing Packages


There are three plans available using which you can buy WishPond. The three of the plans can be purchased either monthly or yearly.

As you can clearly see in the image, they are not overcharging for their awesome service.

#6. Responsive Customer Support

You can reach out to WIshPond’s customer support team in three ways- live chat, email, and phone. The first two options are available for every package while phone support is exclusive for those who buy Growth plan.

They won’t keep you waited for so long. Thus, all the queries will be solved soon.

My Verdict

According to me, WishPond is the best landing page generator which comes in two different versions (website and WP plugin).

Apart from the six features that I have mentioned above, it has several other essential features as well.

Why are you waiting then? Just get it and nurture your leads.

Sign up to WishPond by clicking here.

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