Best Home Apps to Control From Your Mobile Phone

Do you ever leave home and worry about whether you shut the stove off or not? Did you forgot to shut the garage door or turn on the security system? Whatever you forgot to do before you left home, you can now control it all from your smartphone. Check out these useful home controlling apps.

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The Crestron app allows you to control nearly ever aspect of your home as long as you have compatible systems. With the app, you can control your lights, shades, home temperature, media electronics and security system no matter where you are with a Wi-Fi or mobile broadband connection. Shut off lights when you forget to, turn up the temperature before you head home and even close your shades when it gets sunny out. This system helps you monitor it all while you’re away.


The TiVo app is the perfect app for the media-loving individual. With it, you can control your TiVo DVR and search program schedules, schedule recordings and even start playing shows on your TV by controlling it from your mobile device. Use it as a remote from the couch so that you don’t interrupt your show, or browse program times and schedule recordings while you’re out and about.

Garage Hawk

When the proper garage door opener and garage app come together, you receive a useful tool that allows you to control your garage door from anywhere. With Garage Hawk, you can check if your garage door is open or closed, and you can adjust it straight from your device. You no longer have to worry about whether you closed the door when you left; get real updates and control it all from your smartphone.

With’s mobile app, you don’t have to worry about your house while you’re away. Get real-time alerts on your BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, even if you didn’t arm the system before leaving. You’ll know when someone is at the door, when there’s movement within your home and even when someone opens the liquor cabinet. Arm your system from anywhere or turn off the lights if you forgot. Customize your app on which kind of alerts you want and when to get them.


With the AGA iTotal Control system, you can stay in control of your appliances no matter where you are. The stove and oven unit receives commands from the web, text messages and a mobile app. This allows you to turn off the unit if you forgot or to preheat the oven before you get home. You can even put your meal in the oven before you leave, turn on the oven while you’re away and have a good meal ready for you when you arrive home.

With this range of mobile apps, you can track every movement in your house, control every system and monitor your home while you’re away. Take these apps with you on-the-go when you head to work or when you leave for vacation so that you never miss a thing and always stay prepared.

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