The best apps for android phones: How to make the better use of them

Android phones are the most important types of phones used by the people these days. Ordinary phones are replaced by android phones because of the various benefits of these phones. So what are the benefits that make these android phones better than ordinary phones? What are the best apps for these phones? Let us see them in detail here.

Swype: This is a keyboard which is one of the oldest in android phone history. Even though it is the oldest one, it was introduced only recently. It is a highly pirated version used in the recent days. It reminds the people of the ‘game of thrones’ in the recent days. Its introduction revolutionized the whole world. Android stock IME is the latest addition to the list. Working style of this keyboard is similar to that of the other computer keyboards. There are a large number of alternate symbols on its main keyboard which makes it look better and easier to use. The use of orange color in the keyboard has drawn a lot of flak from all the corners of the world, but still they are regarded as the best app in the world. Windows 8 platform makes best use of this on refurbished phones.

Swift key: This is another best software for the android phone users on windows 8 platform. It is provided with a functionality called flow, which helps you to use the swift key in the best possible manner. Long press keys are also provided with it, which is sufficient to make the best use of it. In the first step, the words that you enter there determine the way in which you have to think of the plans that you need to follow in future. There is no need to type the complete word there. All that you have to do is to go to the site and type the first few letters of the word and that will open you the gateway for the entire website.

Smart keyboard pro is yet another important keyboard software that you can use in your smart phones. Even though it lacks the several features that are normally provided with the ordinary keyboards, it is regarded as one of the best because of the way in which one can make use of its apps. You can specify small, medium and large font styles by this. That helps you to make adjustments of the fonts and choose the perfect font for your applications. There is even support for landscape mode also. Even nexus 4 app is also provided within this keyboard.

GO Keyboard: This is the last keyboard that is there in the list of keyboards that are being used today, but still the benefits of these keyboards are really worth mentioning. GO launcher has been developed after the GO keyboard which was developed in the very early stages of computer development. This app is provided with a one month trial period which is there for checking the advantages of this keyboard. You can change your decision to either use or discard it after that. So it is always better to make use of this facility as much as possible. If you are using the refurbished phones, this would be surely the ebst app for you.

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