Best iPhone Cases you can buy for yourself!!

There’s a reason why the iPhone has a lot of fans around the world. Millions of people buy the iPhone on the first day of launch and it is known that Apple literally does minimal marketing for their iPhones because the people who use the iPhones are enough to make enough noise and hype about upcoming iPhones or the iPhones being sold in the current market.

iPhone runs on iOS that is very simple to use and yet so powerful that apps can glide through processes easily. You will find some great apps for iPhone and people love it for the power it provides at still being simple all the while.

Now since there are so many users of the iPhone, there are obviously options to customize the iPhone externally using cases or some other accessories. Cases are protective plastic shells that protect the devices they are applied on from impact. A device with no case will get much more damaged as compared to a device with a case applied on it when it drops.

Now since iPhones are beautiful, yet delicate, you can apply a case on it to protect it from the drop. Your case will make sure that your iPhone stays protected from any sort of damage that might occur if the phone is dropped or if it is scratched.

In this post we will take a look at some of the best iPhone cases that you can buy and apply on your iPhone and these cases not only provides good protection but they also make your iPhone’s appearance look better and you can choose your favorite color and design to make your iPhone look amazing.

USAMS Edge Color Series Case


This is one of the best iPhone cases that you will find for you iPhone as it not only provides correct protection but also retains the original look of the iPhone so that you can show of those sleep curves and lines.

It is made up on top notch quality TPU material. It provides a good edge protection so that your iPhone remains protected when it is dropped suddenly and the back is transparent so that you can show off the back design and the sleek like along with the amazing Apple logo. The case will also provide protection to the camera lens and flash because without case it bulges out of the body and with the case it will have proper protection and no scratches on the camera lens will occur.

You can check out more cases here – more yellow iPhone 6S case here.

iPhone 6 Battery Case

Iphone case

Has this ever happened to you?

You were out with your iPhone and suddenly your iPhone ran out of battery? iPhone users are actually known to be full-fledged users of the device as they have all kinds of apps on it. From shopping to navigating and uploading pics to tweeting while messaging your friends. All these activities need battery juice and if you are out and your phone runs out of battery, what will you do?

Enter the amazing iPhone 6 Battery Case that not only provides protection to the device but also works as a device integrated powerbank. The case has a battery inside of it and you can use the same case to charge your iPhone once your iPhone runs out of battery. How cool is that?

So while having all the juice you need you will also have extra battery backup along with protection.


These two are some of the best cases you will find for your iPhone and I am sure they provide some value to your already awesome iPhone so I think you should try both of them.

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