Optimizing WordPress for a Quicker Blog

If you want to speed up your WordPress blog considerably, there are a number of different ways that you can go about optimizing it. The faster your website is, the easier it will be for you to get people coming back. It is a fact that slower websites typically have less regular traffic than slower ones, so you will need ... Read More »

SqlBak – Keep Your SQL Database Backed up

Every online website like e-commerce or others where there are transactions, registration, login functionalities involved, there is a database running on the back side to store all the data in a structured manner which can be accessed anytime. The database is the most important part of a website or online business because if you lose data, you lose everything. And, ... Read More »

Zoran Kocovski: The Fine Dining Guru

This restaurant entrepreneur comes from a humble Macedonian family which was involved in simple farming. He was only an infant when his parents immigrated to Canada with little possessions to their family name. His father, then took a position as a cook while the mother worked in the factory. With time, they were able to save up just enough to ... Read More »

Benefits of an Education Savings Plan

Nobody can certainly predict the future. It is only prudent that anyone stayed prepared for its outcomes by laying out robust plans and taking out every advice from financial experts. Higher learning is a very costly affair, and it can be financially breaking especially for the unprepared. In most instances it seriously drains families of their resources, leaving them heavily ... Read More »

Broadband is State-of-the-Art Internet Access

We have been using internet non-stop since it came in the 90s. Our daily lives are run by globally interconnected services of computer networks; we use the internet to connect to the world on a daily basis. Internet allows everyone from different parts of the globe to be connected by a series of webs and connections, and creating a world ... Read More »