Tips to Record High-Quality Videos on a Mobile Phone

The quality of video cameras on mobile phones has steadily improved over the years, and nowadays most are able to record High Definition (HD) videos without any issues. In fact, if you find that the quality of your mobile phone videos leave a lot to be desired – odds are that the camera isn’t the problem. In order to start ... Read More »

Geofencing – Location Based Marketing

What is Geofencing? Geofencing is a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location with the use of GPS or RFID technology. Whenever a user with an location-enabled mobile device enters into this predefined area, it triggers an action or push notification. Thanks to the advancement in the technology, now every person carries a GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth in their ... Read More »

Veesp VPS Hosting – The Premium VPS Service {Review}

Nowadays, everything is happening online whether you have to do shopping or paying bills or ordering food, almost everything going online, and that all lead to the need for websites. Every business when thinks to go online, need a website to showcase their company information or product information, etc. The business that sell products, create online stores from where users ... Read More »

Amazon Invests INR 195 Crore in Digital Payment to Take on Flipkart, Phone PE, PayTM and more

The e-commerce platform, Amazon India, has invested Rs. 195 crore in its digital payment arm- Amazon Pay India Private Limited. According to the retail giant, digital payment market in India is almost at its peak and Amazon is planning to take its competitors head-on in this department as well. Other than digital payments, Amazon India has made its mark in ... Read More »

Virtual Reality: Taking Technology beyond Video Games

To many people, Virtual Reality is synonymous with video games. Whenever Virtual Reality is mentioned, many people only think of video game and how the introduction of this technology into gaming has changed the gaming industry for good. Recent events, however, has disputed the exclusive application of Virtual Reality to gaming. What are the other areas of application of Virtual ... Read More »