Sagoon – A Social Commerce App

Today we have different websites and mobile applications that are designed to allow us to share content in real-time, whether it’s a photograph, a message, an event detail or even our opinions about something. Not only this, but social media has also emerged as a great platform for online business in the last few years. Social media and networking have ... Read More »

Top 3 Mobile Apps to Clear NEET 2018

NEET is a highly competitive exam as millions of aspirants appear for it every year to secure admission in top medical institutes. Due to sheer competition, cracking it is not an easy task. Most go for coaching; some are able to make the most of it, while others are not. At this moment, a big confusion amongst students is that ... Read More »

PIN Genie Smart Lock Review – A Perfect Security Option for Your Home

Security is one of the most concerns when it comes to protecting property in home, office, garage etc., Traditional keys have provided a good security level in the past, but now getting weaker and weaker, as the bypass technologies improve. Smart locks are now playing an important role in protecting home and office security. They are not only bringing in ... Read More »

Effects of Technology on Education

The 21st-century era is often regarded as the era of technology. In this generation, technology plays an important role in our everyday life. The prevalence of technology is drastically affecting many areas of the society in a positive way, including the educational sector. Students of the modern generation not only have mobile phones and computers to help them, but also ... Read More »

Hostinger Review – Why This Hosting Provider is The Best For You

Choosing the right web hosting is crucial for your business. Since it can play an important role in your business’ success, you should never take it back seat. Before you choose a web host, make sure it fits perfectly in every facet of the web hosting. Today, I am going to review Hostinger, a well-known company that is globally recognized ... Read More »