Tips to Record High-Quality Videos on a Mobile Phone

The quality of video cameras on mobile phones has steadily improved over the years, and nowadays most are able to record High Definition (HD) videos without any issues. In fact, if you find that the quality of your mobile phone videos leave a lot to be desired – odds are that the camera isn’t the problem.

In order to start recording high-quality videos on a mobile phone, there are a few tips that you should definitely try out:

  • Hold the camera steady with both hands

Mobile phone video cameras tend to not cope well with sudden movement or being shaken, so you should try to hold it as steadily as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to use both hands and hold the camera in landscape mode while keeping your elbow close to your side for additional support.

  • Increase the frame rate

The higher the frame rate of the video, the more fluid and smooth actions in it will appear – which can dramatically affect its quality. As a rule, you should record at as high a frame rate as possible, and most mobile phones should be able to record at 60 frames per second if you set them to do so.

  • Make sure the lighting is good

One of the drawbacks of mobile phone video cameras is the fact that they have smaller sensors, and as such don’t cope well in poor lighting. In other words, you should always make sure that there is plenty of soft light when you record your video, and try to avoid any sudden changes in the lighting as well.

  • Consider using an external microphone

The quality of the audio that you record will definitely affect your video – and on mobile phones that is often a problem as the built-in microphone will leave a lot to be desired. If you intend to keep the audio, you should consider using an external wired or wireless microphone that will enable you to record clear and high-quality audio.

  • Avoid using the zoom

With few exceptions, the ‘zoom’ feature on mobile phones is a digital zoom – which will artificially ‘enlarge’ the image. Using digital zoom will affect the overall definition of your video, and so you should avoid it at all costs. Instead, you should reposition yourself to be physically closer to the subject that you’re recording.

While these tips should help you to improve the quality of the videos that you record on your mobile phone, if you want professional-looking and high-quality videos you will still want to edit them, and for that, you should use a desktop editor as they are far more powerful. For example, you could transfer your video over to your desktop and use Movavi Video Editor to learn how to cut a video in no time.

Overall however you should notice a marked improvement in the quality of your videos if you use the tips listed above. In fact once you tidy them up they could even be turned into some great content that you could publish or share online.