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Watch2Gether has been one of the most popular and widely searched movies streaming sites. In fact, it has become one of the prime options for watching video content with your friends together. However, it has been observed that the services of Watch2Gether get suspended or go unavailable quite at times.

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That is perhaps when you would want to have a look at the best movie sites like Watch2Gether. We thought of searching through the internet world and picking the best movie sites alternatives and help you find the best sites like Watch2Gether.

What is Watch2Gether?

Like you have already found out, Watch2Gether is a website that lets you watch your movie streaming service that lets you watch your favourite movies with your friends and all of them who matter to you a lot.

In fact, watching a great movie with your loved ones can definitely be a great option and fun indeed. Getting together with your friends and family and watching a movie or indulge in any other sort of binge-watching can be an experience we all crave for. But, with our close friends and family members dispersed in different parts of the city or the world may be, it isn’t always possible to watch a movie together with your loved ones.

This is where sites like Watch2Getheer come to your rescue. With Watch2Gether, you should be able to watch your favourite movies with your loved ones even when you are miles apart. The service lets you watch movies, TV shows, popular YouTube videos, and other content with the people who have a common interest. Moreover, you would also be able to communicate with one another while you are watching your favourite shows as if you are watching it together with your friends or family in real-time.

The website lets you get access to a platform that offers you an option to watch videos along with your friends. No matter whether you are at the same place or a huge distance apart, you should be able to watch your movies together. You do not need to assembled at one place to watch any of your favourite shows.

Best Sites like Watch2Gether – An Alternatives List

Having understood that Watch2Gether can be an excellent option for most of your needs in watching your favourite shows together, how about searching for a few sites like Watch2Gether? Let us check out a few excellent options.


That is one of the wonderful options for an enhanced experience in watching your shows together. One of the sites that is designed with the simplicity in mind, it can be used right inside your browser. In fact, you can decide to sign up for the service through your Google account or Facebook, if you are not willing to use your own email address.

One of the best factors that makes it a fantastic option is it supports streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, and Vimeo, to name a few. The built-in text and video compatibility can be one of the excellent options you would rather find quite impressive. You can chat with your friends as per your preferences. The availability of a Chrome extension is yet another plus point.


This can be yet another option for a worthy alternative to Watch2Gether. It does need you to have a Skype account to communicate with your fellow friends. That would mean even the friends with whom you want to communicate have access to a Skype account. Yet another issue you may find is that you would need to download the application to your computer.

You can share your videos through VLC Media player or even through MPV Media player. You would need to make a connection between the media players, and once that done, you will begin syncing the content between your friends. You will be able to pause, resume, sync, and perform a wide range of activities just because you have been syncing your media players.


Get social when watching the videos with Rave. It has been one of the excellent options for watching your movies and TV shows together with your friends. Yet another excellent option that makes it one of the great sites like Watch2Gether is that it lets the friends and family members listen to the music together. It works with a wide range of services such as YouTube, Viki, Vimeo, and Reddit.

One of the wonderful options that it offers you is it does support Google Drive and Dropbox as well. Make VOiP calls while watching those shows together. Isn’t that a great option to watch and connect with your loved ones despite being miles apart? It can make a great Watch2Gether alternative with its capability to do a lot more than just watching movies together.

Plex VR

Have you heard of VR? Well, Plex VR takes your video syncing experience miles ahead with that wonderful functionality. You will not longer be able to sync your videos alone, but you would be able to sync an entire drive-in theatre, or a loft apartment.

Have a close heartfelt communication with your friends and family in those mesmerizing virtual spaces. Videos can be sourced from the wide range of library from the Plex Media library. All the videos are synced together so that almost every user can get access to a simultaneous video experience. The tool also lets the users to change the size and position of the screen to meet your actual needs.


CyTube is yet another exciting option for watching your favourite shows and videos with your friends. You only need to sign up for the service, and you can begin sharing your own videos and other media content with your friends and family members. It can definitely be a great Watch2Gether alternative if you are checking out the options for watching your videos together with your friends in real-time.

The CyTube service also provides you access to an option for communicating with your friends while watching your shows in real-time. You get access to a chat box interface that would help you communicate with your colleagues. You will find the chatbox just beside the video, making it simple and easy to chat with your friends without the need to interrupt your video viewing experience.

Sync Video

If you are looking at the best sites like Watch2Gether, and value your privacy more than anything else – Sync Video should be your prime choice. As soon as you register for the service, you would be able to get access to a virtual private chat room. The chat room is entirely private, and you would return to this room every time you want to watch a show.

Invite your friends and family members to this virtual private room. The service lets you add YouTube and Vimeo videos to the private chat room. You should also be able to create multiple chatrooms as per your preferences. The high degree of privacy should be what would help you get rid of the trolls who would otherwise enter your chatrooms and make you lose your private and confidential information.


If you are in awe of YouTube and want to use it as the sole means of enjoying your favourite videos with your friends, Gaze should be what you would find an excellent option ever.  Using it should be much simple, and that should be one of the reasons that would make it a great choice as the best sites like Watch2Gether. You just need to create a room and send the invites to your friends.

However, it does come with a severe disadvantage. Gaze can only be used between two of you and no option to add up more than two user data time. The tool lets you share your local files as well remotely, which should be one of the best advantages.

MyCircle TV

This should be one of the most potent options among the best sites like Watch2Gether with more technical features. It does provide you access to a unique and straightforward way to watch videos and movies together with your friends. An excellent option that would offer you access to would be it provides you access to improved VoIP capabilities.

A free voice chats while watching your favourite TV shows is what would definitely make it one of the greatest ever options ever. MyCircle TV should be one of the most significant options in telecommunication at no cost at all. The website lets you watch your favourite shows by inviting your friends through a wide range of options that include Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and email.

The Concluding Thoughts on sites like Watch2Gether

Well, those were just a few sites like Watch2Gether that we could list out and provide you access to an enhanced experience in watching all your favourite movies and TV shows with your friends – even when a distance separates you. Of course, the list is not exhaustive but should help you pick a few good options.

We have made it sure that we have picked the best Watch2Gether alternatives that would suit different individual requirements. Get access to the best experience and share your thoughts with us.

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