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Web designers and developer profession are in demand, so if you are thinking about changing your tedious work for this creative occupation, you’ll never regret about this decision. If you are an artist in your soul, it’s a sin to suppress your nature.

It’s always better to try and fail than just fold your hands and watch others taking action and succeeding. You can’t be too old to start building a new career. Even if you have no technical skills at all, it doesn’t matter. You need only one thing to become a web designer / developer – it’s a strong desire.

Undoubtedly, even online classes are time-consuming and sometimes not so easy to comprehend. However, if you are interested in the result you’ll be attentive, persistent, and hard-working. These qualities are crucial and they will lead you to bigger achievements day after day.

Time-management is also an important cum-savvy as taking certain online courses, like 61 days marathon from TemplateMonster, for instance, you should complete all the tasks in time, otherwise, you’ll get out of it. A lot of other courses are guided by the same principle. So, you’d better think twice whether you are ready for serious work to get the outstanding results you expect.

Believe us; the game is worth the candles. Changing your deep-seated lifestyle is always difficult. But stepping into the better, well-off life where you are the king of the castle is worth the efforts.

And don’t forget the sweetest fact – all of the courses listed below are absolutely free. Which means that you get the profession of your dream without paying a cent to the tutor.

Now it’s your turn to make the choice. If I were you, I would choose the first option (61 days marathon from web design and development industry leader). They definitely know what they are talking about. The marathon promises to be fun and the chance to get the prize, in the end, is really tempting.

1. Your web studio in 61 days – free marathon from TemplateMonster

Your web design studio in 61 days is an unprecedented project from TemplateMonster.com. The marathon starts on the 26th of September and will last for 61 days. You can still apply! In 61 days you will learn to build websites like a pro, set up and manage teams of developers and designers, get along with clients, keep up with the legal aspects of running your own business, and sell your products. The great news is that everyone who reaches the final not only gets his/her own web design agency up and running but receive a valuable prize from TemplateMonster. Nobody knows what it will be. Only marathon participants will know this secret info.

2. Don’t fear the Internet

Through short tutorial videos, you’ll learn how to take a basic WordPress blog and manipulate the CSS, HTML (and some PHP) to match your aesthetic. You’ll feel empowered rather than crippled by the Internet and worst case scenario you’ll at least end up having a better idea of how professional web designers turn your design dreams into a reality on screen.

3. Learn by doing with hands-on programming courses from Code School

Code School works the following way: experienced, engaging instructors take you through course material, step-by-step, in their high-quality video lessons; you code directly in the browser with their course challenges, bringing to life what you learned and receiving immediate, helpful feedback and code validation; you rack up points in the challenges and earn badges as you complete each course level, leading up to the coveted course completion badge; you keep track of all your activity — points and badges earned, courses completed, screencasts watched, and more — with your Report Card.

4. Learn to make awesome websites from Dash

Dash will teach you HTML, CSS, and Javascript through fun projects you can do in your browser.

5. Flex your creative muscles sit and get fit from Gymnasium

Gymnasium offers free online courses designed to teach creative professionals the in-demand skills. Their courses are all self-paced and taught by experienced practitioners with a passion for sharing practical lessons from the design trenches. Once you finish a course, you will be able to use your new skills in your current role, or use them to land a new job.

6. Diploma in web design from Alison

Alison’s free online Diploma in Web Design course is a perfect choice if you want to create your own website but lack the skills or knowledge to do so. The course is aimed at both the novice and intermediate web designers. This comprehensive, easy-to-understand course will enhance your understanding of web development tools and techniques. Topics covered include the essential tools for web page development including HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Adobe Dreamweaver. It also examines the practical steps needed to build a website such as registering a domain name and choosing a hosting account.

7. A better way to learn to code websites, apps, and games from Code Avengers

At Code Avengers you learn from step-by-step instructions combined with 1000s of code challenges, videos, and quizzes with support from expert educators and an enthusiastic community of learners. You’ll start to build simple apps and websites but quickly progress to building real-world applications you can show to friends and future employers. Code Avengers team is dedicated to helping you land your dream job, start your own tech company, or build technology that changes the world.

8. Learning web development from Mozilla Developer Network

This is an MDN learning area. This set of articles aims to provide complete beginners to web development with all they need to start coding simple websites. The website will provide enough detail for you to feel comfortable and learn the topics properly. You will feel at home whether you are a student learning web development, a teacher looking for class materials, a hobbyist, or someone who just wants to understand more about how web technologies work.

9. Algorithm platform from Coding DOJO

Algorithm Platform offers free collection sof online lessons and challenges which are designed to refine your algorithmic knowledge. Algorithms are the basic building blocks of all computer programming. The platform offers to learn through a mixture of exercises, video tutorials, and coding challenges that will cover fundamental concepts such as for loops, if/else statements, array manipulation, and more.

10. Free Web Design Courses Online Study.com

Study.com is a website compiling free online courses from all over the web. See their list of the top free online web design courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the one or several that’s right for you.

These were top 10 free online web design and development courses. Did you make your pick? Will you share it with the community? Your feedback is always welcome at the comment section. Don’t be shy to make your additions to this list if you know some free trustworthy web design/development resource to learn from.

We wish you reach your goals with one of the courses mentioned above.

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