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The world is sittng at home, and the only option we have for our share of entertainment has been to opt for binge-watching. The best options for binge-watching has been the streaming services. Movies being one of the prime sources of entertainment, one of the best movie streaming services currently available is, obviously, Icefilms.

Offering you access to a wide range of movies and other shows from multiple categories, Icefilms have been an excellent site for your share of movies across multiple genres. You can even watch the shows in HD or even 720p resolution.

What is Icefilms?

Icefilms is one of the prime movie streaming services currently available. It has been the hot favourite for those of us who have been choosy when picking our favourite movies. It packs in a wide range of features making it a great option among a host of its competitors.

One of the best points we liked about Icefilms is that it does provide you access to the IMDB rating of the movies. It also provides you with access to the synopsis of the movie so that you have an idea about what you can expect from your movie. In fact, you can even download the movie using any efficient video downloader.

Why look for sites like Icefilms? If Icefilms is so great, why are we looking for the Icefilms alternatives? Icefilms has recently been placing too many ads on its platform. This has been resulting in a severe disturbance for the movie viewers in enjoying their favourite movies. Too many ads have been the prime reason for looking for the best Icefilms alternatives. 

Best Sites like Icefilms – Top 5 List

Having understood why you need to check out the best Icefilms alternatives, let us check out the best sites like Icefilms based on a few key parameters. Our focus when picking these movies sites has been to make sure that they share most of the features offered by Icefilms.

1. Tubi TV

The reason for including Tubi TV in this collection of Icefilms alternatives is that in addition to the movies, it also lets you get access to the best TV shows worthy of binge-watching. One of the added advantages is that it does not come with any ads and thus can be an excellent choice for watching your movies.

The easy to use interface that organises the movies and other shows in an easily searchable manner further makes it a worthy site for watching your favourite movies. All the movies and TV shows are arranged in an organised manner as per the genre.

Just like Icefilms, it lets you go through the ratings of the movie so that you know what you are watching. Finally, if you have kids at home – you have access to child-friendly movies as well.

  • What is it good for? – It offers you access to the best of the movies and TV shows. It can be watched on a wide range of devices that include computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, or even on gaming consoles.
  • Known For – Best Movies and TV shows. Has a huge collection of movies and TV shows from movie shows like MGM, Lionsgate, and Paramount
  • You have plenty of options of genres such as horror, adventure, romance and kids movies
  • Creating an account will let you sync your movies and shows across devices.
  • You may not have access to newly released movies.
How to Choose a Good Movie Streaming service?

You should follow definite criteria when picking the best movie streaming site. A few things that would be helpful in choosing the best movie streaming service would include

  • A huge number of ads can hinder your viewing experience. The best movie streaming service would be the one that comes with no ads. If it needs to have ads to keep it running, the ads should be minimal, and should not be annoying.
  • No limitation on the number of movies you can watch is yet another plus point you should focus on.
  • Availability of multiple movies – perhaps running into hundreds of thousands in number.
  • Multiple genres of movies and other shows would be one of the enormous advantages.
  • Availability of trending movies.
  • Download options would be an icing on the cake!

2. FullMoviesFreeDownload

Full MoviesFreeDownload is one of the excellent options for the best options for Icefilms alternatives. It is a free site that lets you watch and download your shows and movies with ease. The sheer degree of shows and the wide range of genres that it offers you should ideally make it a perfect option for binge-watching.

Right from a series of free movies to a few unique creations is what would further make it one of the premium options for your movie-watching experience. One of the features we liked the most is the availability of download options which further makes it a great choice. A host of movies and TV shows are available in English, while you can get access to a few other languages as well.

The service hosts more than 5000 titles, and the count is rising. Most of the content is available in HD quality, and should thus be a strong contender for the best sites like Icefilms. You would get access to a wide range of options for the best horror, action, and comedy movies from Bollywood.

  • What is it good for? – The movie streaming service offers even the latest movies.
  • Known For – Best quality video in high quality and an excellent audio reproduction.
  • Dozens of categories to choose from
  • Extreme HD quality movies
  • Newly released movies
  • We did not witness any cons

3. Disney Hotstar

Hotstar has been the home for an outstanding collection of movies and TV shows. In fact, after the acquisition by Disney, the previously Fox owned service has grown even efficiently. While a huge part of the content is paid and available only for the premium subscribers, you should be able to find some of the good movies for free.

Apart from hosting the movies and TV shows, Hotstar also offers you a wide range of other genres such as documentaries, sports events, and musicals. The service has a specialised section that covers movies from different genres. The availability of sports content is what should make it one of the prime options among the best sites like Icefilms.

  • What is it good for? – Movies from different regions across the globe. It also has access to the latest movies released directly on the platform
  • Known For – Sports content availability.
  • Latest content from across the different genres. Movies from Hollywood and Bollywood available
  • It also offers live streaming on a few Indian TV channels
  • May not available in every region

4. SolarMovie

When one thinks of movies, the prime option that would come to one’s mind is SolarMovie. One of the most reliable services for the sites like Icefilms, it offers you the movies that have recently released in the theatre. The site provides you access to a few movies and TV shows in HD or 720p quality.

The Featured section is yet another huge option that offers you recommendations from the developers of the site. You can also check out the trending shows which should be yet another huge plus point on the show. As with the Icefilms, the site also provides you access to the movies arranged on the basis of top IMDB rating. The wide range of huge collection of movies makes it one of the best Icefilms alternatives.

  • What is it good for? – In addition to movies, it also offers you access to TV series from different regions.
  • Known For – Lists movies based on IMDB rating.
  • Get access to all the content for free
  • Ensures that each of the link offered is malware free.
  • There are not many ads
  • Some of the latest movies are in camera ripped quality

5. FMovies

FMovies is one of the most popular movie streaming services currently and has been a prime option for the best sites like Icefilms. What sets it apart from the other competing sites is the 4K quality videos that it offers you. Of course, you need to register on the site if you want to watch your movies in 4K.

While the movie streaming service is one of the excellent options in terms of the content, one of the best features that we liked the most is the option of watching Anime shows. The Anime movies are sourced from popular animation houses like 9Anime.

An excellent organisation of the movies and TV shows on the sites should be one of the prime features that would make it a formidable service and the prime contender for the best Icefilms alternatives. You can pick your movies and TV shows based on a wide range of filters.

  • What is it good for? – Recommendation of movies on other sites if they are not available on FMovies.
  • Known For – A good number of movies, including animation shows.
  • You can request for the movies not available on the platform
  • Can let you connect with multiple social media accounts
  • You can interact in a dedicated community
  • Frequent redirections observed.

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The Closing Thoughts

Well, the movie streaming services have always been a crowded place. However, picking the best streaming services among them and focussing on the genuine and reliable services can definitely be a hercualen task. We have made an attempt at helping you pick the best among them so that you would not miss Icefilms and get the experience as on Icefilms.

We assume to list of the best sites like Icefilms featured here should ideally be helpful in the long run. Share your experiences with us.

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