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Have you safe guarded your computer right, yet? You might know about the Microsoft Security Essentials, which is designed is perfect to install by itself and also get updated automatically. Microsoft has recently launched the latest version of this protection software for 32-bit or 64-bit computer. Microsoft Essential Security avails the best features ensuring free antivirus software that helps to reduce your tension. Microsoft Security Essential is indeed the best rated product in this context.

Microsoft Security Essential - Free Antivirus

Steps to install Microsoft Security Essential

Microsoft Security Essential – This free antivirus software has got extremely user friendly steps of installation. Just save the file in your computer that satisfies the definitions prescribed. Microsoft Essential Security definition file should be Run and Save the file to your PC under the desired filename. This makes the software run on the background without hindering your system activities and saving you from prevalent bugs. After saving this file, you need to install definition updates via the following steps:

  • Go to Start -> Documents and locate the folder and desired definition file you saved
  • Now, right click on nis_full.exe file and select the option Run as administrator
  • Hit Run and you might be asked for admin password at this step; this is to confirm the choice made

Automatic updates disabled?

In case you have availed the option not to update this Microsoft Essential Security software automatically, there are no worries at all. Make use of the manual download set up and following that you could install the latest available features without trouble. This is favorable when you do not want the regular pop up messages saying ‘update available’, but you need to be constant in checking out the new upgrade available. A lot of people disable the automatic upgrade option for the booting time taken, which slows down your computers. This free antivirus software functions easily and efficiently with the timely updates done manually or automatically, as per convenience.

What is the importance of upgrade?

The updated versions of Microsoft Essential Security ensure complete protection against malware and viruses to an almost total extent. There are millions of bugs existing in the computer world. There are more of them entering this world through the internet and other peripheral devices. This spreads in superfast swiftness. Thus, there is a need to be cautious and have the latest powerful defense, protecting your system and valuable data. Be prepared with the perfect possible protection against the new bugs on the go, searching for your computer. The bugs often challenge your privacy as well as destroy many valuable data stored in your computer. This necessitates a timely measure to challenge their invasion. Knock them down with this free antivirus software availed.

Features of Microsoft Essential Security

Microsoft Essential Security version MSE 1.147.658.0 came to light on Mar 28, 2013 04:45 PM UTC. This product has lived up to the expectations. The advanced version of MSE has a default 50% CPU control made available with the scheduled scan tab, while scanning. This enables a faster performance of the computer even when the software functions in the backdrop. This free antivirus software many advanced features like Windows Firewall integration, Enhanced protection engine, a perfect Network Inspection System. Additionally, new version of this defensive software offers better safety from online threats.

Why is MSE widely useful?

This free antivirus software is rated the best for the remarkable features that drag along to prevent troublesome virus and other spyware attacks. It notifies you on any suspicious moves and helps you defend their attack. This is ensured irrespective of the source of attack with support from Microsoft Essential Security. This is designed to protect computers with definitions falling in 34 and 64 bit. This software starts its function right from the moment of system startup.

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