EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 11.0 Review

Technology may have simplified our lives, but it is still on backfoot when it comes to the reliability. Having a reliable smartphone or tablet doesn’t really matter but having a reliable hard drive or computer or laptop is what matters but unfortunately, that is not the case as we have seen and heard a lot about unreliable data storage system and thus, we often end up losing our important documents. Well, the problem is not new, but the solution that we are going to talk about here is not new also. Around 12 years ago, EaseUS came up with a software called EaseUS data recovery software whose main objective was to recover data that has been lost due to internal problems. Well, here we are, 12 years later, it seems like we still cannot find any data recovery software better than EaseUS, let’s see why!

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and its features

EaseUS allows users to recover multiple types of data that might have been lost during power cuts or some other system faults. EaseUS not only allows focuses on PC or laptop recovery but also focuses on hard drive recovery which means you can also recover files from your external hard drives as well which makes it one of the first data recovery software to allow hard drive recovery as well.

·  Free

The first and most amazing feature of the EaseUS software is that it is also available as a free to download version. In this, you will be glad to know that you don’t sacrifice on functionality but EaseUS does limit you with the recoverable memory as they have limited it to 500 MB. But that is not a problem as if you are willing to recover some documents, then you can do it easily and multiple times as documents doesn’t take much space when compared to audio and video files. You can go for the premium version which offers no limit on the file recovering module and even offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

· Even better UI

The User interface of a hard drive recovery or data recovery software matters the most, and that is why EaseUS has been continuously working to improve the user interface of the software. With the version 11.0, they have literally nailed it as most of the users complained about not able to segregate different file types in the software. Well, in the latest version, users can easily do that as EaseUS have added a bar in which you will be given options like all files, audio, video, documents and much more. If you have selected the all files tab, then EaseUS will show you all the files that are eligible to be recovered whereas selecting different categories will only show you files which belong to those categories.

· 20 language support

In the latest release, EaseUS introduced 2 languages, Turkish and Arabic which have increased their language support count from 18 to 20.

· Fast and Reliable

When you start the scan, the data recovery software will perform 2 types of search. A quick search in which the hard drive recovery software will search the files from the folders but not from all of them and the in-depth search in which the software will hunt for recoverable files from the folders and its subfolders and so on.

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