How To Operate Windows 8 – Part 4

Welcome to the fourth post in the series of “guide on how to operate windows 8”. The post will cover other additional features and aspects of windows 8 that you could learn to use.

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In this post, we will discuss the following topics

  • How to use keyboard shortcuts in windows 8
  • How to run two apps simultaneously in windows 8
  • How to set a picture password in windows 8
  • How to use different apps in windows 8

How to use keyboard shortcuts in windows 8

The load of browsing through windows 8 will get pacified if you could just learn a few of the shortcuts that are available in windows 8 operating system.

  1. Windows key: press the windows key to go to the start screen and toggle to the desktop mode with it.
  2.  Windows key + D: after you press this key, it will open the windows desktop for you.
  3. Windows key +. :  With this combination of keys, you can pin and unpin the apps in your system on the screen on the side.
  4. Windows key + X: This key opens the power options for you such as command prompt and device manager etc.
  5. Windows key + C: press this key to open the charms in windows 8.
  6. Windows key + I: This key enables you to reach directly to the settings that are found in charms.
  7. Windows key + tab: This key allows you to open the apps and view them.
  8. Windows key + print screen: If in case you want to save a screenshot, then you may use this key and it will directly save the screenshot to the “my pictures” folder.

How to run two apps simultaneously in windows 8

In windows 8, you get to experience an added advantage of running two apps side by side at the same time. You can use “windows key +.” combination of keys to pin any app either to the right side or left side of the screen. Like if you open an app and pin it to the left hand side of the screen, then with this combination of keys, you can open one more app and pin to the space available on the screen.

How to set a picture password in windows 8

This is a very interesting and new feature in windows 8 that allows you to log in to your computer using a method of authentication with the help of circles, taps and straight lines. Use this feature and experience a new way to deal with your passwords.

  1. Go to the charm windows.
  2. Select settings and go to more pc settings and select it.
  3. In that, click on users and then click on create a picture password.

How to use different apps in windows 8

People: Keeping in mind the social network today, windows 8 has come up with this bright and innovative app which connects you socially while using it. You can get access to all the major social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.

Reader: this app has been designed to give you PDF format right away as and when you require.

SkyDrive: this app gives you access to the Microsoft cloud service “SkyDrive” that lets you store photos and videos etc. in a cloud and save them. Also, you can share you stuff with other computers via this app.

Store: The store is the house for a lot of apps that you wish to install and run in your computer system. Just search for the apps in the store and avail the benefits.

Please note that only a brief introduction has been mentioned as of now for these apps just in order to outline them, in the next posts these will be discussed in more detail with additional features of windows 8. So keep tuning in.

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  • Very nice and clear explanation about the needful stuffs of Windows 8! Thanks for writing this Zainil 🙂

    Now am using Windows 7, I bookmarked this post, hope it would help me in the future.

    Explaining the stuffs clearly to the readers is the unique quality of TTW owners 😉
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  • Hi Zainil,
    This is wonderful information for everyone. Actually I have upadted new windows 8 on my laptop but i can not operate. its to difficult for me. i dont know more about it. So that is why i was going to deactivate window. but when i saw your post then i felt good. and I can say that i can operate windows 8. Well thanks dear to guide me about it.

  • I have windows 8 on my new shinny hp dm1 and I must say I am very disappointed, it is, for lack of a better word, ****, it is imposing a tablet/compact device interface onto a fully fledged computer. Windows 8 should be avoided at all costs, I now have to work out how can I get back to windows 7 !, Don’t get me wrong I,m not a fan of windows but at least its a standard we can all learn and work from. Windows 8 is just a cover up and a disastrous one at that. Avoid at all cost