How To Operate Windows 8 – Part 3

Welcome to the third post in the series of “Guide On How To Operate Windows 8”. In this we will go into a little detail of other features that exciting and innovative in windows 8.

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In this post, we will discuss the following topics:

  • How to use Task Manager in Windows 8
  • How to manage files and folders in windows 8
  • How to use the people app in windows 8
  • How to maintain security in windows 8

How To Use Task Manager In Windows 8

It is not only that windows 8 has made appearance and features like metro screen more good looking and advanced, but also, things like task manager and windows explorer have improved a lot. You can use task manager to manage and see startup programs, see IP address, and see the resource utility graphs.

In windows 8, the graphs are shown with a new color system, which just takes a glance of a user to look at them. For starting the task manager, you can simply press Ctrl+Alt+Del and a screen like one shown below will pop up.


Or you can also simply right click on the task bar and choose task manager from there.


With taskbar, you can easily manage processes; you can see and accordingly end on the go apps without any problem.


To see the detailed view of the resource utilisation and resource statistics, you can click on the option “more details”.


To check whether you know about a particular process or not or just in order to understand about it and get its details, you can select the option “search online” to search about the process using the default search engine.


How To Manage Files And Folders In Windows 8

The “file explorer” provided in windows 8 makes it really easy to manage your files and folders in the desktop mode. “windows explorer” in earlier versions of windows has now been replaced by “file explorer” which lets you open, arrange and access files and folders in the desktop view.

To open “file explorer”, click on the folder icon present in the taskbar in the desktop mode as shown below


As a result of this a screen will pop up that will look like the one shown below


This screen alone provides many features that you can utilize such as address bar, navigation pane, ribbon, search bar and navigation buttons etc.

How To Use The People App In Windows 8

The people app introduced in windows 8 in an innovative app that lets you connect online with your peers and friends in your social network. To use the people app, go to the start screen where you will see an app by the name of “people” , click on it and the app will open.


After the app opens up, it will look something like this


Firstly, you need contacts to use this app, so just begin by adding contacts first which is achieved by two methods:

You can either enter the contacts manually or you can import your contacts from your accounts on social networking websites such as facebook, gmail, twitter etc. surely, the second method does save you a great deal of efforts and time.

You can also search your important contacts in this app by typing the name of the contact as


How To Maintain Security In Windows 8

There is a great deal of protection provided In windows 8 because it comes with effective tools that protect your system from virus, malware and additional malicious programs.

User account control always gives a warning to a user whenver there is an attempt to change the computer’s settings from anyone. The screen gets locked temporarily unless the admin validates the changes. It protects the user against unwanted changes.


Windows defender scans your system for finding out potentially unwanted apps and rechecks every opened app to ensure safety.


Windows smartscreen comes with a full warning that enables a user to comprehend whether to open the concerned app or not.


Windows firewall basically aims at protecting your network from external threats and keeps it  safe.


A lot of other features, apps and a few of the above mentioned features as well will be discussed in detail in the coming posts in the series, so keep tuning in.

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  • It’s really good to have a step by step tutorial for using windows 8. I am not a windows 8 user at this time. But surely move to windows 8.