Get To Know The Features Of Avira FREE Antivirus 2013

Have you tried any free antivirus lately? If you are looking for an efficient and uncomplicated antivirus tool, without any doubt, Avira free antivirus 2013 may, the Best Antivirus for 2013 might be a good choice for you. There is a great improvement in the performance of this antivirus software when compared to the existing ones.

Avira Antivirus

Features of Free Avira Antivirus 2013

Basic protection with stronger defense

Avira Antivirus Review claims this free antivirus as the Best Antivirus for 2013 for its effective functionality from malware protection and defense. It performs better than any other available antivirus software in this regard. Manual scans could be enabled if you want or in case of a doubtful situation. This scan could be scheduled too as per your convenience. This gets rid of attacks from the common Trojans, viruses and other malware.  Avira Antivirus Review marks this software as the Best Antivirus for 2013 for its attainability and range in bug detection and removal.

Audio bug alerts

After a system scan is performed, you would be notified of the malware detection with an audio beep. This would not always be appreciable. So, the Best Antivirus for 2013 comes with an option to conveniently disable the beeping sound.  Avira Antivirus Review confirms its use for business as well as domestic uses to safeguard your system with a free antivirus.

Avira’s configuration utility

The brilliant configuration makes it impressive by supporting the scan schedules and guaranteeing automatic updates required for handling troublesome viruses. There is check ensured on the suspicious files and programs instantly. You are notified of such attempts by any such programs.

Check on annoying adware

It prevents adware from installing by itself or popping up to trouble you. This is indeed a boon to get rid of the unwanted messages and ads from disturbing your work. This creates a more user-friendly environment.

Safety advisor for websites

How do you know which website is harmful and which one is good? Do not blindly click on links that look sparkling and catchy. This might be a virus. Avira has a feature inbuilt to rate the websites and thus letting you know the reliability factor.

Instant installation for protection

This antivirus program installs within a few seconds and begins executing its function to protect your system from the millions of bugs waiting to trouble you. This is indeed a real time protection offered. Avira Antivirus Review says it includes all the tools and necessary options with updates to defend any malicious move. It is better than the other programs that fall in this context with the wide range and compatibility it has. The installation process is quite easy and less time taking.

Browser tracking blocker

This browser tracking blocker is a privacy enhancing feature. This prevents any companies or individuals on the other end of the web trying to track your web activities. This remarkable feature is availed to you in the Avira toolbar.

Looking deeper into this antivirus program

Did you hear Avira Antivirus Review from any of your friends yet? You are lucky to have automated malware and virus detection notifications. This free antivirus software efficiently has the power to monitor any such bug alert. This is remarked as the Best Antivirus for 2013 for the performance shown in checking your browsing pages and detecting the malicious contents instantly. The web pages are scanned for such harmful alerts, as well as all incoming and outgoing emails messages are readily checked for spyware that steals your personal information and privacy. The email attachments are thoroughly checked by this free antivirus for harmful attachments. Phishing is well avoided by this Best Antivirus for 2013 as per the detailed Avira Antivirus Review provided.

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