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How To Create A Photo Slideshow YouTube

Nowadays we can see that people use their collection of random pictures to make a video which can impress their friends and family and can win the heart of their loved ones. For that people use different types of softwares in which some are in built in operating system such as window movie make in windows and some download it from other sources. So a great news for the people is that YouTube has launched its photo slideshow creator which has become the part of the users and they find it really useful and very user friendly. So take a look at the features offered by this tool and how to use it to create photo slideshow.

How to create a Slideshow On YouTube

1. First go to YouTube where you can find upload button at the right of the search box and click on it.


2. After clicking you can see the following window in which at the right you can see multiple option from which you have to select the slideshow option.


3. When you click at the photo slideshow option you will find the option of selecting the photos so you have to choose the pictures which you want to add and then just click on select option.


4.When you add a photo it will upload the photo and ask you for adding more photos if you have uploaded your all picture click on next button at the right bottom. After click you can see that it has created your photo slideshow and provide you with the option of uploading it. And additional features of transition and time setting can b done according to your wish from the bars under the video window.


YouTube photo slideshow

As we have seen the steps involved in creating a photo slideshow let us look at the features which make it fast and amazing from all other softwares.

YouTube Photo Slideshow

  • As you are using YouTube you can share the video very easily with your friends and family.
  • It provides you with the transition effects and famous sound tracks to add to your YouTube photo slide show to impress friends.
  • You can increase the time limit of your video from 15 minutes to whatever limit you want.
  • YouTube statistics clearly shows that it has attracted the users to use this photo slideshow maker and they find it very beautiful and comfortable to use.

YouTube Statistics

One of the largest source for the videos and with the live channels integration YouTube has the capacity of over 800 million users which is a remarkable achievement and this doesnโ€™t end here according to the YouTube statistics it has the video which has countered the maximum number of views from all over the world. About twenty five percent of views come from the mobiles of the users and YouTube is available in 61 languages and spread over 50 countries.

With the latest addition of features from YouTube can cause a positive shift in their statistics and they are good at launching the ideas which can benefit their users. YouTube helps you to create videos and you can edit the videos with new style and effects. YouTube photo slideshow is a cool and beautiful creation by them which worked as magnet to attract their users. So a must try feature which will surely make you to like it.

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