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BitDefender is one of the best antivirus software available on the Internet. But the issue is, BitDefender is not listed in the list of free antiviruses & every tech crazy wants a free antivirus. As of now, Avast is considered as one of the best free antivirus. But now the free antivirus software’s have got a good competitor – BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition! 😎

There are lots of options to choose a free antivirus software. At times you might find some antivirus giveaway’s too, like the one of Avast! Internet Security 7 Giveaway, which I had posted on my other blog, Tech Tricks World! Do give a look on TTW’s Giveaway Category, where you can find many paid software’s for free. Now coming back to the free antivirus software’s! 😉

The free antivirus launched by BitDefender is new and with its user friendly features, it will prove to be very easy to use! 🙂 There are not many settings to configure. So take a look at the features and what type of security is offered by this antivirus.


  • This antivirus is very small to install and take only few minutes to download as well as installation process.
  • Real time protection as it will scan all the live steps your taking if you have open an application it will scan that and accordingly will set itself for better working of that application.
  • There is no full screen which cause difficulty for the users it has a small interface and works in background and control the activities.
  • It will download the updates using the internet connectivity and user doesn’t have to bother about giving commands for downloading the updates.
  • There is an auto scan function which is used to scan the computer at an interval of time to keep the best performance of the computer.
  • If we compared it other antivirus available it is far better as compared to the space it takes and give a user a feeling of invisible antivirus.
  • It reduces the time and efforts of a person due to its simple controls and easy handling.
  • It uses smart scan in which you can skip the file which is already have scanned to save the time by scanning the new files.
  • According to the news and people it provides a better experience of antivirus as compare to the other entire antivirus and that so free of cost.

BitDefender Free Antivirus

How it works

  • Download the BitDefender free antivirus and install it to your computer.
  • You will download a file of 158KB and when you play it will automatically start downloading the required files and install it to your computer.
  • During the installation it will scan your computer for any malware or spam.
  • You can see the icon in the right taskbar as “B”
  • When you click it you can see the option of virus shield and auto scan and you can log in with your account so that it become permanent for your computer and no cost is required.

So if you look at the steps for this free antivirus, it is quite clear that it is very easy to install! 🙂


  • You can make it work as you want. If you think it is interfering in your work, then you can exit it by a single left click and the exit.
  • Login with your account and make it permanent for your PC.

The antivirus with its small disk size, provides you the technology of BitDefender’s Total Security and that too without any cost! 😯 A user will not face the problem of the screen displaying to buy the antivirus and it provides the highest security level and repairs the files at a faster speed. So we can say that it can be the antivirus for the users who don’t want a mess of configuration and don’t want to pay anything for antivirus software.

Download BitDefender Free Antivirus and make your PC work faster and share the experience with us and the users who are following us! 🙂

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