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Google Chromecast vs Android TV


If you love to watch a lot of videos on Youtube then you should try Google Chromecast or Android TV. Google has given two options which will help you in using Youtube on your TV and other services which are provided by Google on your TV. You can either try Google Chromecast which is a HDMI dongle or Android TV. ... Read More »

Best Mobile Browser for Android – 2015

We spend most of our time on smartphones and most of the time on a smartphone is spent on a web browser. Web browsers are used for so many purposes like surfing the net, getting the details, downloading things and so on. Web Browser is one of the most important things in a smartphone and it should be fast, small ... Read More »

Wondershare MobileGo for Android – An upright manager for your Android device

Are you looking for a prevalent device manager for your Android phone? Or, do you feel annoyed with accumulation of data in your Smartphone? Or else, you are an entertainment lover and wanna backup all your media files with its same quality? Whatever it may be and here you have a better choice to handle all above tasks effectively with ... Read More »

The best apps for android phones: How to make the better use of them

Android phones are the most important types of phones used by the people these days. Ordinary phones are replaced by android phones because of the various benefits of these phones. So what are the benefits that make these android phones better than ordinary phones? What are the best apps for these phones? Let us see them in detail here. Swype: This is ... Read More »

Geofencing – Location Based Marketing

What is Geofencing? Geofencing is a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location with the use of GPS or RFID technology. Whenever a user with an location-enabled mobile device enters into this predefined area, it triggers an action or push notification. Thanks to the advancement in the technology, now every person carries a GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth in their ... Read More »