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Shopping is a thing which is loved by everyone especially women. Since we are in the modern society people are breaking the rules of traditional shopping and buying or specifically I should say that they are shopping stuff over internet. In the starting when internet shopping was introduced many people had a doubt whether it would be able to compete with the traditional markets or not but today we know that the answer is a big YES. When we talk about shopping the thing which strikes our mind is women, that is because women love doing shopping and that’s the reason the word came in your mind. But these days even men started taking a keen interest in shopping just because of the digital products! And the best one among them are smart phones and tablets!

One such online portal to buy stuff is where people can buy anything which they want. The products available there are so high in quantity that if I start listing them then I might use so much of paper which can cover whole equator almost 7 times. Uh, I am not sure will to cover 7 times or not but you can try and let me know too! Moving on, DHgate has lots of products available but to make lots of sales, they give you a wide range of smartphones as well as tablets to choose from. Since I am in love with tablets, I will only talk about it. Why we will talk about tablets? Because I am writing this post and I can do anything which I like! Apart from my shitty talks, let me tell you that today I would be reviewing DHgate and tell you how awesome the site is. Review

The moment you will open the site, you will fall in love with it! The site is so clean and elegant that you can’t get your eyes off from it for at least 5 minutes. A smooth carousel of products in the center, navigation bar in the left and Deals in the right with lots of more features make it a perfect place to look and buy the products you want.

As I love tech so I quickly jumped over the technology section and in that I went to tablets. Site performance is great and it operates so smoothly that for once I thought that the developers have used butter dabs in the codes. – Android Tablets Section

I was amazed to see such a wide variety of Android Tablets available on The number of options provided on the site can literally confuse you but it’s a good thing to have this many choices.

Moving on, the reason due to which I opened my mouth and eyes was because of the great range of Android tablets which was available over there! But before I talk about the variety of tablets which was over there let me talk about the design once again!

When I opened the Android tablets section I saw a great and clean design that shows you other products in the same category on the left and on the right it shows some of the gems of the tablets section.

Scrolling a bit down we can see the featured deals which will surely lure you so much that you will either check the balance left in your bank account or start counting the bills in your wallet or you will directly buy!

Moving a bit down from the deals, we can see the featured brand which includes the brands which have released a tablet recently. It is not only about brands but you can also see the tablet which they released and directly even buy them from there. And you don’t need to be sad in this section because you get great deals over here too! I saw that the discounts ranged from 20$-150$ but this amount can vary depending on the time you visit the site and the offers which are available over there.

If you found anything which you want then you can click the shop now button by which you would be redirected to the page of that particular product where you can see the wholesale rates of that tablet but if you want a single piece then the standard price is always there to help you. As an addition if you are living outside US then you can even see the converted price i.e is the price in your own national currency. There are product images available over there and you even get few perks when you buy stuff from DHgate and some of them are Seller Guarantee, Service Pledge and few other stuff. But still if you have any concerns then there is an option available by which you can contact the seller directly and get your queries cleared.

Now comes the part to making payment, on DHgate there is a wide range of methods by which you can make payment for your favorite tablet and some of them are Credit Card, E Wallet, Offline Bank Transfer etc.

I wanted to review their delivery time too but my bad luck, when I tried to buy something from the site and opened my wallet to check the money I have, I got only a couple of flies coming out of it. And if you are a kind hearted guy reading this post then you can gift me one of the tablet from this site, I won’t mind that!


DHgate is an E-commerce site but it has got something unique which made me fall in love with it at the very first time I opened it. There is a huge variety of products available over there but I loved the tablets section the most. The performance of site is great and the deals are even greater! Once I get few cents I will definitely buy something from here. Till then you can share your experiences with me!

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