OnePlus One Smartphone Review

OnePlus is one of the latest but most successful startups in the mobile technology industry. The prime goal of the enterprise is delivering the best mobile, computing, entertaining and browsing technologies in one gadget to every user worldwide. The smartphones by this Chinese brand are beautifully designed featuring premium hardware, casing and software quality. Have you ever imagined your dream smartphone? Rest assured 1+1 smartphone is encompassing all the features you desire from the killer flagship in the industry.

Let us review the device which is so buzzed about in the modern mobile community. The OnePlus brand markets its first smartphone as a flagship killer promising mind blowing stuffing in the thinnest case ever.

The sales are just started but the frenzy about the device is at its maximum heat.Also full information, reviews, good prices on all models of OnePlus One smartphone you can find here. The device has got a super powerful and durable processor Snapdragon by Qualcomm (801) supporting global 4G LTE technology for incredibly fast and smooth connectivity and continuous communication. Each core of the mobile OnePlus processor tickles at frequency of 2.5GHz which makes the speed and quality of the performance of the smart device uncompromisable. Incredible speed and power is guaranteed with heterogeneous innovative computing approach. The heart of the first OnePlus One mobile phone is coupled with 5.5” display of 1080p resolution for the brightest and clearest viewing experience a user has ever had.


The OnePlus brand offers ultimate solution for every detail stuffed in the case. The same considering the memory of the smart gadget being EMMC 5.0 enabling you to write the data to your memory stick in the fastest possible manner.

The 13MP camera of the OnePlus One mobile phone is empowered with Sony Exmor 214 sensor and great f/2.0 aperture. The camera enables a user to take the sharpest and the clearest images in any setting. Low light or fast motion is no more the hazard to take high quality pictures. The gadget gets 6 physical lenses for extra precise and super detailed photos free of distortion commonly caused with low aperture. Front 5MP wide angle camera will ensure amazing selfies with wider background in every picture than any other mobile phone is able to capture.

The OnePlus device is equipped with a powerful 3100mAh battery for all day power efficiency. Specific energy saving display technologies (CABC and DRAM) will adjust the lighting of the display in any mode of smartphone usage and according to the type of media content displayed on the screen at every moment of time. The innovative power reducing technologies realized in the device enable a user to run all the apps and programs day and night long.

Special options of voice clearing and noise cancellation with tri-microphone technology for the ultimate identification, isolating enhancing of a user’s voice with simultaneous background noise filtering will bring a user to the next level of quality communication. Now the voice clarity is increased up to 80% so you can enjoy clear talking at any noise place and can be sure you will be distinctly heard.

A new device from OnePlus brand enables the most personalized and easiest control of the device by tapping or drawing special signs to unlock the smartphone or start a desired application.

Those users who have already tried the 1+1 smartphone are blown out with the ultimate performance of the device. According to the user reviews the device is easily controllable with one hand, however some of them claim the phone to be a rather big gadget. The device is marketed to rival HTC One M8 or one of the popular gadgets from Samsung being Galaxy S5. But the OnePlus gadget outdoes these devices in performance and efficacy as well as durability and battery lasting.

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