Google’s Nest To Aquire Dropcam For $555 Million

Google owned Nest has reportedly purchased the WiFi Video Monitoring Company, Dropcam for a whooping $555 Million. Let’s discuss this tech news in this post.

At the Worldwide Developers Conference, held earlier this month, Apple proudly announced its HomeKit. Shortly, after rumors regarding Google’s latest interest in acquiring Dropcam have started floating, and Nest, which was recently acquired by Google, has  now confirmed the rumors.

Google had purchased Nest Labs earlier this year for $3.2 billion. Who knew that Google’s interest in the thermostat company was not just limited to controlling and regulating the temperature of our houses. In fact, the tech giant is actually aiming to provide the common people with a package of product that will simplify their lifestyle. Several people were feeling  insecure that Google is attempting to collect information from their houses to show in their advertisements. However, their insecurities were settled by the CEO of Nest Labs, Matt Rogers, who mentioned in his blog post that like the Nest data, Dropcam data will also be kept confidential and will not be shared with anybody, even Google.


Nest and Dropcam for home security

Dropcam products start from $150 and go up to $200, varies according to the quality of video. The product lets the users micro-monitor their houses with a cloud-based service.  On the other hand, the Nest thermostat is composed of a single motion sensor and doesn’t really provide as much data as the Dropcam provides. With the tie up between Nest and Dropcam, one can feel absolutely carefree. While Dropcam Tabs keep tabs on windows and doors, the Nest thermostat will be able to deliver precisely tailored temperature settings.

Dropcam is a very interesting approach to ensure security for the house. It is a home monitoring service where the user can keep track of whatever is going on in his/her house from anywhere at any time. The company has a very good reputation and is reliable. The company also offers subscriptions for cloud-based services, where the data is recorded and stored for later review.

With the acquisition of the Nest and Dropcam, Google has secured a new title for itself, which is “The Home Automation Company”. Some people are having a hard time digesting the course of events, while others are excited by the company’s growing interest in providing people with a sense of security.

Lately, security has undoubtedly become an issue of great concern. People from everywhere don’t feel safe outside the house and sometimes even in the house. Having said that, Dropcam’s services come in handy, since the user can overlook his house, even if he or she is miles away. Besides, if some uncalled-for event does occur in the house, thanks to the cloud-based service, all the issues can be resolved instantly.

On the other hand, while Nest and Dropcam data are assured to be kept confidential, the joining of these two great companies leaves us expecting for more tie ups and more fascinating products that ensures house security, safety and well-being even when the owner isn’t really staying there.

The world is changing fast, and so is the technology. Only time will tell what we will be presented with by Google – Nest and now Dropcam.

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