How To Book A Tatkal Ticket On IRCTC?

Remember the old time when your sudden planning to travel used to be so stressful, long queues for tatkal tickets and those intermediary brokers! Sometimes even when you have booked the ticket long ago but failed to confirm till last moment then also the similar scenario may arise. The only thing that you may remember about the early booking of this tatkal is the nightmare queues.


Train tickets booking has become an easy go after the development of the online site of IRCTC. If you have to book tatkal tickets through this site then people will suggest many tricks like to maintain the log in time at sharp 10:50-10:55, auto fill extensions, avoiding CAPTCHA problem, improved internet speed, better computer speed, easy payment gateway, maintain network latency extra. No doubt these tips work well but none of them provides confirmation that your tickets will be booked. Often it happens that you have opened the site and within seconds the tatkal tickets are over. Some people may say that others were faster than you built the reality is it was due to the presence of IRCTC tatkal booking software which does this booking in less than 30 seconds. Let’s read about the tricks to book tatkal tickets step by step:

  • Increased internet speed- fast internet speed is something without which you cannot expect to book quickly. Atleast a speed of 1-2 Mbps is compulsory while you are sitting to book tatkal tickets. From tatkal services ticket are meant to book much faster than one can think of and in case if you are using a slow internet connection you will miss the chance to book the tatkal tickets.
  • Not down the details over notepad- if all the information is stored beforehand then it becomes easy to book the tickets. Information like the name of the passenger, age, ID Proof, telephone or mobile number, payment mode(card number), should be available with you in written so that you do not miss a single second in learning and typing and could book ticket faster.
  • Browse Software and Plug-ins- there are certain software and Plug-ins like User Agent Switcher, Magic AutoFill, Adblock Plus and many more which will help you in booking the ticket tatkal with ease.
  • IRCTC account- Remember the first and foremost thing in booking a tatkal ticket has an IRCTC account. In case if you do not have one you need to make one first.
  • Learn about the process of booking the ticket- don’t be a newbie while booking the Tatkal ticket as the learning process may delay you from booking the Tatkal

A set of rules is also made for booking IRCTC Tatkal tickets. The rules are as follows:

  • The timing for booking tatkal tickets- the timing for booking the Tatkal tickets for the sleeping class is 11 AM and for AC class, it is 10 AM and it is booked a day before at this time.
  • Tatkal charges revised- since 2016 tatkal charges are revised for all categories as well as in base fare. The revised tatkal fares for various category are as follows:
  • Second Class tatkal charges- you need to pay 10% more than the base fare.
  • Sleeper Class tatkal charges- you need to pay 30% more than the base fare while booking tickets on tatkal.
  • Third AC Class tatkal charges- you need to pay 30% more than the base fare while booking tickets on tatkal.
  • Second AC Class tatkal charges- you need to pay 30% more than the base fare while booking tickets on tatkal.
  • First AC Class tatkal charges- you need to pay 30% more than the base fare while booking tickets on tatkal.

Things you require while booking tatkal tickets

  • Valid ID proof is compulsory to carry if you have booked tatkal Remember to carry it during your journey as without it your ticket will be regarded as invalid.
  • Even if you have booked your tatkal ticket through offline ways then also you need to show your ID proof.

A list of ID proof which is accepted by Indian Railway is as follows:

  • Election Commission of India’s issued voter photo ID.
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Nationalized Bank Passbook that comes with photograph.
  • RTO issued Driving license
  • Any kind of photo identity card which possess the serial number given by State/ Central government.
  • Banks Credit cards with laminated photograph.
  • Aadhaar card
  • District Administration, Panchayat Administration, State Government, Central Government, and Municipal bodies issued Photo identity cards.
  • School/College and other educational institute issued Student identity card that has your photograph.

Tatkal booking software

Few years ago people would have taken the mention of tatkal ticket software as a joke but today they are experiencing the advantages of multiple IRCTC tatkal software which had enhanced their experience of booking tatkal tickets into a better one.

Among the list of endless tatkal booking software that turns your experience of booking a tatkal ticket into a better one. Some renowned IRCTC tatkal booking software’s are as follows:


in this IRCTC tatkal booking software you need to first login your IRCTC account with the password. The first and foremost thing about this tatkal ticket booking software is the safety measure. Your login details are not shared with anyone. It could be regard as the fastest and easiest place for booking tatkal tickets for login on IRCTC. Though your success is not guaranteed the chances of attaining success by this IRCTC tatkal booking software is far more than the others who are trying their luck during these critical tatkal hours. They are not any subdivision of IRCTC and have no connectivity with it. Often the biggest issue that act as a hindrance while employing such software is the one that deals with the safety issue. Here you completely relax on that ground. No information is stored by the software in any regard. In case if you are having any doubts regarding it then you can ask your web designer to double check the software for it. This software ensures that you can book your tatkal tickets through this hassle free IRCTC tatkal booking software. You will be surprised to see the quick response of this tatkal ticket booking software while booking the Tatkal tickets.

These tatkal ticket booking software are easy and simple to use. Your whole effort of booking tickets is just a click away. You can take the aid of this tatkal ticket booking software every time you need to book a tatkal ticket.

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