Top 5 Tools to Add a Voiceover for a Video

Adding a voiceover on your video will make it more interesting. Voiceover is an important element of many videos to send a stronger message and get the message across the audience. You can easily add voiceovers to your video projects using the top 5 tool to add a voiceover for a video.


1. Pinnacle Studio 16

The Pinnacle Studio 16 comes with over 1,000 transitions and effects that you can choose to go along with your movies. Whether you are making a simple video project or a professional quality video, adding voiceover is simple using this video editing tool. You are allowed to use up to three audio tracks on your videos, whether it is a background music, voiceover, or sound effect. The Pinnacle Studio 16 has simplified its interface to make video editing a very simple task, even for newbies.

 2. CyberLink PowerDirector 12 Deluxe

This video editing software combines the delicate balance of expert precision and simple interface. Although it is an easy-to-use software, it does not sacrifice all the essential tools and features that you would need. Continuing the decade long tradition of CyberLink, this software is a powerful and intuitive tool enables adding of voiceovers in a snap. The full features of this product include everything that you would need in a topnotch, non-linear video editing tool. You can add as much as 100 tracks of video, audio, voiceovers, effects, and transitions with so much flexibility, even when creating complex projects.

 3. Roxio MyDVD VideoLab HD

The Roxio MyDVD VideoLab HD comes with hundreds of special effects and transitions that you can use to make your video projects more appealing. This video editing tool comes with standard features that offer flexibility when adding voiceovers, overlays, video clips, text, transitions, and effects. It also allows for easy correction of the aspect ratio as well as in stabilizing shaky video footages.

 4. Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12

Aside from being a video editing software, it comes with additional audio and DVD software that will allow you to create professional quality videos complete with custom menus, excellent sound, and a range of effects and transitions to spice things up. Using the Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12, you can unleash your creative side in making simple and advanced features to make your videos more dynamic. From simple clipping and trimming, you can add voiceovers and other effects, according to your needs.

 5. Aimersoft Video Editor

Using the Aimersoft Video Editor, you can add as many tracks in the interface and arrange them accordingly. Although this software does not have built-in effects and transition options, it does have the capabilities to create interesting videos.  This video editing tool allows you to take control of the tracks in your movies, adjusting the order in which you want the tracks to appear on the interface. This is an important feature in order to create great movies complete with sound effects and voiceovers. Additionally, you can also crop, trim, or resize your videos and manipulate the objects to make your videos more dramatic and informative. It can edit and convert any video formats that you can imagine because it comes with impressive tools that will make video editing very simple even to beginners.

Using these impressive and powerful tools, you can personalize your videos and add informative voiceovers, giving spice and character to your final product.

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