Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use PrestaShop

E-commerce portals and attractive websites with out of the box designs are now the basics of any online business. Gone are the days when you were henpecked by the Web developers and strangled by complex HTML codes. With content development tools like PrestaShop by your side, you are the sole creator of the web world. You no more need to worry about the hefty charges of web developers, a long development period and other associated technical hassles. PrestaShop will simplify all the complexities involved in a web development and designing process and will cater to all specific requirements of the users. Check out the most interesting features of PrestoShop and know about the top reasons why you should use Prestashop.


1. Mesmerizing themes and creative designs

Themes do the entire slide show based story telling which visually lure your prospective customers and glue them to the site. PrestaShop is the rich storehouse of hypnotizing and appropriate themes. Each and every theme designed by the creative team of PrestaShop is out of the Box. It has changing fonts, colors along with live on the spot Configurator. No matter what your online business is, you’ll find the perfect template waiting for you. I   f you feel the collection of this system is falling short to meet your demands, then the expert team members will design special themes of your choice.

2. Special store building features

E-commerce sites always hunt for extra sales value. For these sales thriving e-commerce stores, PrestaShop has more than 300 builds in features. Let’s have a look on these:

For the customers of the assigned subscribers:

  • Instant quick view of the merchandise with roll on zoom view
  • Tricky yet attractive promotional banners, displaying latest sales, discounts and other offers
  • Easy to access “add to cart” options and swift direction to the secured payment gateway
  • Filter search with all the required minute details which smoothens the shopping experience of the customers

For the subscribers of Prestashop

  • Easy managing of updates, contents and other editing tasks
  • Instant access and control of more than 100 features at your back office fingertips
  • Pictorial representation of the statistical analysis of the sales and profit

Access over mobile internet

The inbuilt templates of PrestaShop come with a special mobile compatible shopping cart. As such your store will get displayed on the screen of every smartphone user and can reach to more and more customers. If you are the moderator or owner of the site, then you can comfortably keep an access to your site, its sales and footfalls with PrestaShop while being at home through your smartphone.

3. Blessings of SEO and encouraging customers reviews

PrestaShop software holds a proud flag of customizable meta titles, meta descriptions and other significant URLs which make the overall search and found the process easy and gives your site the highest position in the search table. Apart from SEO, PrestaShop tactically displays encouraging customer reviews to draw in positive vibes for the company’s good will.

4. Have a translation access over 65 languages

PrestaShop furnishes its web owners an option of language selection and then directly translating it into the required format. You can do this easily while sitting in your back office. While doing this, you can drag the attention of the global customers.   Moreover, for further global approach, PrestaShop web designing shows country-specific currency for the universal buyers around the world. You can also set up comparable shipping rates and other warehouse-based logistics through this web developing tool.

5. Extra Add-ons and perks

You can discover un-exhaustive opportunities for your web designing and customizing requirements. Over 3500 and more free or paid modules of this tool help your business to grow. You can also join PrestaShop community to create or design new advanced modules for further modified web designing.

What do you need to do initially?

To get started with this tool, you first need to select your PrestaShop hosting server which will not only denote your website location in the web world but will also assign it a residence to thrive in the online market. After choosing the best web host and purchasing the server, you need to download and install the PrestaShop software. Once the installation is done the PrestaShop tool will direct you accordingly.

How MilesWeb can help?

MilesWeb is that web hosting service which is the prime requirement for your web designing. Milesweb compatible features at once support the PrestaShop software. Apart from supporting it also provides high bandwidth along with instant loading, extra storage space for web contents, security backups and shields from other online threats.

So, if you are planning to launch your eCommerce website then without a second thought take help of PrestaShop and make your presence felt in the online retail market

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  • PrestaShop is really easy to use. It gives you tons of features, makes site management easy, provides SEO benefits, gives users analytics and reporting and so much more.

  • Hey Daisy,

    Nice Share!!

    I completely agree with you that it is fundamental that ecommerce website should work efficiently. I was totally unaware of the feature of SEO provided by PrestaShop software. I was amazed to read that PrestaShop understands the concepts and transform their most typed keywords into the web content.
    Much better quality than anything I have tried in the past. Finding a reliable host is a serious, difficult issue. I don’t have any sort of problem. It seems to be very beneficial and useful. Thanks for sharing…