EaseUS EverySync File Synchronization Software Review

Did you know that every day around hundreds of terabytes of data is uploaded and downloaded from around the world over the internet? At this rate, the online cloud storage is about to be depleted at a much faster rate.

Even on our own systems, the files and folders are regularly updated as we work on them. You can’t just carry a storage media that has all these folders saved on them everywhere and hence this is where the cloud and FTP servers come in. We all know what cloud is and how it is helpful in storing our files and making sure it is available for access around the clock.

In this post, we will talk about EaseUS EverySync, which is a file synchronization software that works in a great secure way syncing files, backing up files and even for sharing. This software supports different syncing ways i.e. one way and bidirectional sync.

Having access to these files and folders that you need to work on through the cloud is possible with files and folders syncing. This is what we are going to talk about in this post so let’s get started.

What is EaseUS EverySync?

As mentioned in this post above, EaseUS EverySync is a software which is used to sync files across different services using the cloud. It is useful for synchronizing files and folders between different devices without any hassle.

The synchronization works in various ways i.e. one-way synchronization or two-way synchronization. In one-way synchronization, the files are only synced from one device and no other. But in two-way synchronization, the files and folders are updated in both the devices, so you are free to edit the files or folders on any device you want to.

What are the features of EaseUS EverySync?


Network Synchronization


You can sync your files and folders on your own network. The ‘My Computer/Network synchronization’ is the default way of syncing that you will notice after launching the software for the first time. You just need to select the folder you want to sync and choose the destination of files before clicking on the Sync button.

FTP Synchronization


You can also sync folders and files over an FTP server using this option. Just choose ‘New FTP connection’ and set up your FTP connection with proper login username and password. This will be setup in no time.

Cloud Synchronization


You can also sync your files across services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. using this feature. You can select ‘New cloud connection’ and set up your login along with file source and destination to use this feature.

Two-Way Synchronization

easeus everysync

As mentioned before, you can also set up two-way synchronization. The two-way synchronization technique is used to have similar files as well as folders after the work is done and it is synchronized.

EaseUS EverySync Giveaway

EaseUS Giveaway

As you might have noticed by now, EaseUS EverySync is a really useful and easy to use software for a simple task like synchronizing files and folders. EaseUS is giving away this tool for FREE on the occasion of Thanksgiving. You can enter the giveaway by clicking here

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