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Social Media Tips for Bloggers

There are so many ways to make money and from all these ways, you have picked the ‘blogging’, or you are doing part-time blogging? Whatever is, you might be working hard to get traffic to your blog so as to make good bucks from it. Right? Well, as you might know, SEO is very important to make your blog shine on the first page of ‘Google’ and other search engines, for your targeted keyword. Both on-page and off-page SEO are important to get organic traffic. Oh! so you have already crawled the web about Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO for Bloggers and have good on-page SEO knowledge!! Good to know that, but I am here not to talk about the SEO tips, but to make you aware with the best social media tips in blogging. Let’s have a look at it.

Be a Blogger, not a Spammer

The first and foremost, always remember that you are a blogger, not a bloody spammer. The reason why I am listing here is that I have been connected with bloggers on various social networking websites for quite some time now, and I have noted many bloggers to be using their social networking profiles for link sharing purposes only. When I look at such profiles as a normal user (not as blogger), then the only thing that comes into my mind is that perhaps the profile is automated to share links only. Nobody in this world like to stay connected with automated account. Do you?
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Understand the power of big ‘fishes’ in social media

Facebook and Twitter rule the social media, and you might know it already. Both of these sites can bring a hell lot of traffic to your blog. You should create a Fan Page of your blog on Facebook to get most out of it. There are many free and paid Twitter Tools for Twitter Usersto enhance their Twitter usage experience. You can use such tools to get maximum benefit for your blog from Twitter. There are many blogs in this blogosphere which are running only by the traffic coming from these popular social networking sites. You should try to stay active on both of these sites regularly as no one on this earth likes to connect with dead profiles.

Social Media is not about ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ only

Good to know that you are getting decent traffic from Facebook and Twitter. But, the social media is not only about Facebook and Twitter. There are many more social networking sites running. Sites like ‘Quora’, ‘StumbleUpon’ etc. receive millions of hits every day. So such social networking sites can also bring traffic to your blog. If you are working to get traffic from Facebook and Twitter only, then let me tell you that you are missing a big part of traffic, the traffic that you could get from other social networking sites, the sites about which you don’t know anything, the sites which you just underestimate it. Silly blogger!!

Use Social Media Share Buttons on your blog

It’s good that you are promoting your blog’s content on social networking sites, but what if your readers also promote your blog on their profiles? Would not it bring more traffic count in the blog’s stats? Sure, it will! You should give a convenient way to your readers to share your blog’s content on their profiles. This can be done by using the social media share buttons on your blog. Almost every social networking site has got its own share button for webmasters. If using separate button for each social networking site is like a head aching task for you, then you can use all-in-one social media share plugins. There are many to use, but the count depends on your blog’s platform.

The virtual world of Social Media does not have any boundaries. You might have read many blogging tips to get traffic to your blog. Social media is also important and so the social media tips are. In fact, combination of knowledge of Blogging Tips and Social Media Tips can boost your blog’s traffic and so your blogging career.

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Atish Ranjan is a web enthusiast and blogger who loves blogging. He enjoys the challenges of creativity by providing information from the field of technology, SEO, social media and blogging.


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    • Social media is indeed the best way to get traffic. Don’t be dependent on Google only it can de-rank your site anytime so keep a back up traffic source.

  • Hi Atish,
    Great Article, I m totally agree with you dude. in My opinion Social media is the greatest method to get the traffice and increase the ranking in the Google. Even You can grownup of your Business by the the help these tips. Really its very helpful tips for the bloggers Sure i will Discuss about these tips.. with my friends.thankyou Atish For sharing with us.

  • Hi Atish,
    I am totally Impressed With your Points which you have shared about the tips for Bloggers. and In the Blogging , There Are important role of Social media. because Social media are the Best method to get more traffic and ranking Also on site. and sure These Tips will help you in the Blogging of the bloggers. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • I am also a newbie in blogging. I have just started my blog and want to get some link juice. I have been following your blog for the last 2 months. I am not generating any revenue yet. Can you tell me some ways i can increase my traffic and backlinks. Nice post btw…

  • Hi Atish,
    Genious post, i am totally satisfied with you. As we know that now Social media sites are a very important role in the Blogging. Basically mostly People are using Social media sites for grown of your business. and thats fact. with the help of these sites we can get huge traffice on our site. and even we can increase ranking in the Google Search engine. i already knew about it but still thanks alot for this Post. and i will use in roperly way.

  • Great This article is so full of useful insight and suggestions. I think I could use a separate post on how to implement these ideas.

    Thanks for the knowledge and inspiration.