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How to Get Most Out of Pinterest?

Have Pinterest? Enjoy your ecstatic journey into the cyber world! You would find it interesting to know that as Pinterest took its baby steps in March 2010 after first being developed in December 2009, co-founder Silbermann admitted how he personally wrote to the first 5,000 users of the site. Not only this, he offered his personal phone number and even went on to the extent of meeting people in lieu of promoting Pinterest. Can you sense from the increasing amount of blog traffic from Pinterest, on what this buzz is all about?  Or, better still, have you ever pondered over on what every clever head is doing to get bags of traffic from Pinterest?

You can pin your self-created, original content: If you have graduated in learning how to craft invaluable visual content of your own, you can have the benefit of possessing a virtual army of people just waiting to circulate your pins to maximize your exposure and get you going! Visual data could be anything from videos, to informative graphics, a textual image over a colorful background, also works. If you have a virtual gadget to show, like a cool new tool, or even a cool template to show, you might promote it in a pin, and link it to where your cyber buddies can sign-up or go to fetch it.

You might concentrate on topics in trend:  This is not as common as the other techniques but it is wiser to incorporate hot buzz topics into board topics or as keywords within captions. Pins that have the latest topics happen to see a 94 per cent rise in the click-through rate. ‘Birthday cakes’ or ‘Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas’ might be such topics of interest. You can also create blog posts on ‘What’s Hot’ and ‘What’s Not’ or arouse general feeling of compassion in the hearts of people. If the idea is genuine it ought to work. 

Use high quality Images on your website or blog: As pinterest is image based social network you should use better images on your site or blog posts so that while sharing it will take image from there. If you image would be interesting and of good quality then you may get more traffic

You can pin more tutorials n teasers: Tutorial pins have a 42 per cent higher click-   through rate than an average pin. People love to learn new fundas. They also love to gather and share informative data. You just need to think as to what kind of information your audience would find to be appealing and then jump the gun to create pins of the same! People find Teaser pins to be more intriguing, they have a very high click through ratio. A colorful background or some text on the top of an image creates a teaser pin, stating what can be learnt on the other side.

Inclusion of “call to action” in your captions: Uncovering all the powerful marketing strategies that work like your favorable stars shaping your destiny, “Call to action” feature enhances your chances of getting engaged through repins, comments and likes of a pin by nearly 80 per cent. Set out to add ‘Click here’, ‘Comment below’ or ‘Repin This’ in each caption. Let your followers know this, have their chunk of cake and eat it too! You get to have a referral traffic magic working like twinkling stars for you!

You can become a contest host at Pinterest: As previously adopted by site on travelling galore: Jetsetter, a contest was being held on Pinterest. This generated a 150 per cent increase in the traffic! You too can hold the interest of surfers and flag a green signal to propagate similar kind of action. While you are hosting a contest, the contestants are supposed to either pin content from your site, or rebound back by repining pins that you already have on Pinterest that take you back to your site. The contestant whose pin has the most re-pins or a truck load of followers ought to win ultimately!

Pinterest is just not another joinee to the already running bandwagon of social media featuring names such as Orkut, Facebook, and Twitter, but it is one great way of achieving your gigs of cyber fame!

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