Strider 2014: Review

Remake of an arcade game of 1989, Strider is a Japanese anime brought to virtual gaming life. A player plays as Hiryu, an important member of the squad of super badass ninjas. His only mission is to defeat Grandmaster Meio and his soldiers. Strider is the kind of man who flies a hang glider into a war. He doesn’t goes down in the details, prefer to slice first and ask questions later. This game will give you the feel of a very super-fast ninja.



Without wasting much time on story, a player is dropped straight into the action, fighting through one guard after another. The game’s capacity for carnage is limitless, and the acrobatic accuracy with which he dispatches his enemies makes him a wonderful experience to control. A player will have everything at his disposal to feel like a one man army, and as his arsenal grows, so too will his enjoyment.


The way strider moves from sliding to running to climbing a wall to cutting a robot is so flawless that you will feel like the only king on the battlefield. From the range of his slide to the arc of his jump, all of his movements are perfectly measured to give a player complete command of the action. At the start of the game a player can do little more than slash and jump, but by exploring the game world and defeating powerful bosses, Strider can unlock new techniques. Throwing knives, reflecting bullets, and controlling an eagle which is made of pure energy are some of the powers a player can earn.


No matter what you choose, juggling all the powers together is a real fun, and cartwheeling through the air while beating death at 360 degrees is extremely delightful.  In the game you will find are plenty of doors which are locked and have no way for entry. Well, this is the game’s way of teasing you with the guarantee of new powers. As you player unlocks new powers knows as cyphers, he would be able to return to those gates and open them with the help of unlocked powers.

Most of the enemies in the game sport a splash of color to indicate their weakness to a specific cypher. To defeat this kind of enemy, Strider must use the same cypher. Due to this color combination fights feels dynamic as it forces a player to mix up his tactics and utilize them to his fullest. The most powerful cypher is the cold cypher, quickly freezes the enemies. Enemies once frozen can take no action, and are locked at that place for short time.

After finishing the Strider’s main adventure, a player can try his hand at the game’s challenge modes which come in two varieties, one is survival and the other is beacon run. Survival challenges test yours combat prowess. While Beacon runs are all about speed and agility. When you will complete a challenge, you will be graded on your performance and you can compare your stats against others players on challenge-specific leaderboards.


What’s good in the game?

  • Fast-paced action.
  • The controls are smooth and it’s fun to control the strider.
  • Lots of hidden powers to be unlocked

What’s bad in the game?

  • Map layout is very much confusing.
  • There is no such story line.

Release date: February, 2014.

Cost: $15

Final Verdict:

From the moment you start your journey till the final showdown, the game is a blast to play. The feel of controlling an agile ninja is just fantastic. Strider is simple, pure and fun which serves as a finest game for a remake of a classy video game.

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