Give Rest to Your Addiction for Angry Birds, Try Bad Piggies

In today’s date, most of us prefer to play games on our mobile phones in order to pass time. Moreover, games are considered to be an ultimate entertainment option. The best part about these games is that a large array of categories are available under the same. In addition to this, there are various alternatives available under each category in order to take care of each and every age group. One game that has been a hit for quite some time is none other than the game of Angry Birds. Most of the individuals have even gone to the extent of claiming that they are totally addicted to this particular game.

For all you people who are unaware let me tell you that the game Angry Birds was developed by the Rovio Company. After enjoying a massive response for this particular game, their next attempt was to launch another game on the same lines, which is now unveiled in the market in the name of Bad Piggies. One major point of differentiation between these two games is that the Angry Birds game revolved around the birds while, the Bad Piggies game is likely to revolve around the pigs.

For all you individuals who enjoy action, power, speed as well as adventure the Bad Piggies game comes across as a must play. The plot of this particular game is known to revolve around a race. As a player your role is to assemble the vehicles and load your pigs in the same. Once you are through with this, you need to drive the vehicle and cross the finish line as early as possible. You need to make sure that you cross the finish line in the most efficient manner in order to win a good number of stars.

Bad piggies

Based on how you complete the race you will be awarded with stars. If you are successful in carrying along with you a large number of pigs coupled with an intact vehicle, then in that case you will get the opportunity of winning three stars. On the other hand, if you are successful in helping one of your pigs to cross the finish line then you will win two stars. Furthermore, if your vehicle breaks down, but your pigs slide and move on the other side of the finish line then you will get the chance of earning one star. On your way you will also be required to collect star boxes. Apart from the above mentioned parameters, the time factor will also be taken into consideration in order to determine the number of stars that you are eligible to win.

Reviewers are of the opinion that the game Bad Piggies is somewhat difficult as compared to its older brother Angry Birds. Moreover, in this particular game you will be required to face a number of different challenges. More specifically, you will have to move from one level to another in order to reach to the highest level. In order to cross the levels you will have to successfully face the various obstacles that are likely to come in your way.

All said and done, if you are an individual who has already played Angry Birds and so also have tried your hands on its variants then, in that case it is time for you to put to test your ability even further. Moreover, it is time for change. You will be in a position to put into practice this change by giving the game Bad Piggies a try. On an overall level, you will be required to give sufficient amount of thought and at the same time will have to engage in a fullproof planning, so as to make sure that you are successful in cracking this particular game.

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  • Anyone who has been addicted to Angry Birds would think of the pigs as ‘the bad guy’. And here comes a game that revolves around them. I guess how people would accept it, but for me, I would love to try out the game.

  • Hi Atish,
    Nice Review about the addicted to Angry Birds, really i like this. As you have gave the Review about it so i think this game will be More Interesting from others. and i am so crazy the games. I will try.and I will discuss with my friends. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Hi Atish,
    Actually I love to play games, Mostly time when i do free then i play game. and I am so crazy to every new game and As you have shared about the this game. i feel this game is so interesting and i hope the graphic will be awesome. but i would say thanks alot to give me a new game. and i must buy and play it.