How To Move Or Resize Partitions Using Free Partition Manager

In this technology driven world, computer finds an eminent position everywhere. With growing use of it, Partition software find prominence in the context of computer management utilities. Free partition manager is one of the most powerful software for partition finding compatibility with Windows. Using this software, you can easily manage the partitions alongside a visual surface. The partition option with this partition manager helps in extending partition maximizing the performance of the computer thereby also managing the usage of the hard disk. Using this function, you can readily solve the problem with low disk space problem, and make optimum utilization of the disk space by shifting the unused space behind that partition area you wish to extend.


A guide to help you with Drive Partition

So you are thinking ahead to move with the process but lack the know-how? Here is a guide helping you how move or resize partition using Partition software.

Step 1: First you need to download the Software and install it. This downloading process does not charge you any penny.

Step 2: You can now extend, shrink or move partition by simple using the move/ resize partition feature inbuilt with the software.

As mentioned, you come with three cases using the resize or move partition feature when moving an existing FAT or NTFS partition existing on a hard drive or any other removable device such as a memory card or flash drive. These cases are namely extending a partition, shrinking a partition and moving a partition. In each of the cases the steps vary and needs to be followed accurately for avoiding unforeseen situations. Helping you with the process, steps for each of these 3 cases is discussed below:

1st Case: Extension of a partition

Two different solutions have been offered for extension of a partition: Either extending partition with the partition master software or by using the built-in disk windows management tool. Steps for each of the solution are work as follows:

Solution A: Extending partition using the partition master

Use these steps when there is no distributed space in the C drive of your computer

  • Download and install the software
  • Select partition available in C drive and then choose Move/ resize partition option.
  • Then carefully place the pointer of the mouse right on left partition handle for shrinking the partition.
  • Tap on OK and you will find an undistributed space straight along the right-hand side of the C drive.
  • Move ahead repeating the second and third step by positioning the pointer as mentioned in step 4 extending it.
  • Click on Apply option.

In case you find undistributed space right in the C drive of your system, move ahead with the below-mentioned steps:

  • Download and install the software
  • Click on Drive C and chose Move/Resize partition option.
  • Carefully place the pointer of the mouse on right partition handle and drag this handle towards the right direction for extending drive C. Once done click on “OK “option and then on Apply.

Solution B: extending partition using disk management tool inbuilt with Windows

  • First take your cursor arrow to the computer icon on the screen and right click choosing the option “manage”
  • You will find the option “Storage and Disk Management” on the left side.
  • Behind Drive C, right click and select “delete volume” option. This will automatically undistributed the partition behind C Drive but make sure that there is no important data in partition to be deleted. On the contrary, shift or move the data to another partition before you proceed.
  • Click the right on the C drive and select option “Extend Volume” and proceed with “Next” option.

With this step, you finish specifying the size you desire adding to the system partition. Click “Next” and get done with the process by clicking on “Finish”.

2nd case: Shrinking a partition

Coming to this case, the following steps are needed to be followed:

  • Download and install the software for partition
  • Chose a specific partition and right click on it. Then select option “Move/Resize partition”.
  • Place the cursor arrow on left partition handle and drag it along the right hand side for shrinking it.
  • Then click on “OK” and you will be getting a preview of the partition decreased right on disk map.
  • Select option “Apply” and finish the task.

3rd Case: Moving a partition

  • Download and install the software
  • Take the mouse right to the bottom pane appearing on the interface. As the cursor arrow turns into cross crux, start with dragging the partition required to be moved afterwards. This will bring the undistributed space before the partition. The only condition holding prominence in this case is that you need to have undistributed space in the hard disk.
  • Once done, click on option “Apply”.


While in the past years, one had to rely upon the use of a disk operating command system for doing such partitions, these software have changed the complete scenario. You can easily create, copy, format, delete, and proceed with hard disk partition as well as convert the file system using this software, you will be surprised knowing that it doesn’t require you to have a great deal of computer skill to accomplish the task. So why wait anymore? Get your software downloaded toady and enjoy drive partition.

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