Optimizing WordPress for a Quicker Blog

If you want to speed up your WordPress blog considerably, there are a number of different ways that you can go about optimizing it. The faster your website is, the easier it will be for you to get people coming back. It is a fact that slower websites typically have less regular traffic than slower ones, so you will need to keep that in mind. This article can teach you how to go about optimizing your blog for the very best results in terms of sheer speed.

Use the right Framework/Theme

The framework/theme that you use for your WordPress blog will have a huge impact on a lot of different things, including how fast it is. There are so many different themes that you will have to choose from for your blog that you will definitely want to take the time to see what your options are like. The more time you take to do this, the better your chances are going to be of speeding up your site. If you noticed that your blog has become very slow, it could be that you are using a bloated theme. There are a lot of great-looking and lightweight default WordPress themes that you should take the time to explore.

Implement a Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is yet another potential means of optimizing your blog and therefore speeding it up in a very noticeable way. Everyone can benefit from a CDN, and it’s important that you learn all that you can about them. A CDN takes all of your files and delivers them to a server that is geographically closer to the people who are visiting your website.

One of the most common reasons for a website’s slow loading times is that the files are on a server that is far away from the people who are visiting it. A good content delivery network will ensure that your website and all of the pages within load as quickly as possible. Make sure that you load even the smallest files from your CDN. If every single file on your site is loading from a CDN, there is just one connection, which means faster load times.

Optimize WordPress Database

You will also be able to optimize your WordPress database when you need to speed up your blog as much as possible. It is actually really important to keep your database from getting cluttered up by limiting post revisions as well as deleting old ones. You should be aware of the 100 page WordPress limitation too. Take the time to look into disabling and limiting WordPress post revisions, as it could make a huge difference when it comes to the overall speed of your website. Doing both of these things is very simple and easy, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time doing it.

Optimize the Images on your Blog

A lot of people simply aren’t aware of the fact that the images on their blog are contributing to the slowness of their website as a whole. It is crucial that you utilize a good image compression tool so that you can maintain a decent speed for your site. By compressing your images down, you will be able to significantly increase load times. You might just be surprised when it comes to how much of a difference this can make when it comes to giving your blog that extra boost of speed.

With so many different ways to speed up your WordPress blog, it is important that you make a point of trying as many of them as possible. Those who take the time to do this usually benefit quite a bit, so you will need to keep that in mind. Regular maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your website’s overall speed up. The fact is that the speed of your blog will play an important role in determining just how much traffic you are going to get. You can have the best content in the world on your blog, but it won’t mean much if your site is loading very slowly. The simple truth is that post people don’t have the patience for a slow site.

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