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Host1Plus VPS Hosting – Get More Power with More Powerful Server

If you are on the lookout for a VPS server, it means you are more willing to get a more dedicated system which can withstand high traffic and more resources on your website. In shared hosting, several websites are hosted along with sharing all the resources at the same time. In case one website uses most of its resources, all other sites will become slow or go down on the server.

With VPS, you can get more CPU juice, more disk space for file storage and more RAM to get more power. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of choosing Host 1Plus VPS hosting plans. But first, let’s discuss some basic things about VPS.

About VPS

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a lot more powerful website hosting solution than shared hosting. In shared hosting, all the resources are shared on a server with all websites hosted. It means you cannot do any changes internally and you don’t have any control over it.

On the flip side, you have complete control over your website and resources. VPS is created through virtualization to create various virtual machines on one server. These virtual machines have specific specifications, such as the specific amount of CPU clock, RAM, bandwidth and disk space. Above all, you can freely use such resources you like and whenever you need.

VPS web hosting is great to use because it is fast and more reliable than shared hosting. Your efforts on SEO including keyword research and link building also get the best results when the hosting server where your site is hosted.

VPS Hosting Features

By adopting VPS Hosting solutions for your website, here are some of the important features offered –

  • First of all, you can easily backup your data and avail easy scalability. With significant bandwidth and space, you can easily engage in any activity according to your needs.
  • You can easily customize settings and firewall configurations as you own your server and have root access.
  • With shell access, website owners can easily create services in their server and batch files.
  • In order to enhance better security and use customer friendly server solutions, VPS hosting is the best choice.


Stability and Stellar Performance

For those who want to enhance their data storage and web traffic within a short time, it is better to choose VPS hosting solutions over shared hosting to easily expand your business. VPS has stability and great performance, and you can easily customize your settings. You can host an unlimited number of websites in these dedicated servers. For these reasons, it is the best choice for large-scale companies.

Be it personal blogs, websites or applications, these services can provide better facilities, great interaction, and more room to store secured and confidential data efficiently. If service cost is not your issue, it is best to choose this server package to boost up your business activities.

Better Technology and Enhanced Traffic

You can easily expand your online business as VPS can easily run multiple systems by simulating hardware operations to host OS. Unlike web servers on shared hosting, VPS is different. To expand your website activities with least interruption, it is strongly recommended to switch to VPS hosting technology.

Companies that need a secured application on their platforms and heavy sources are advised to have your own private server. Be it for multimedia features, e-commerce, accessing cutting-edge technology or securing databases, VPS provides great functionality.

Why Host1Plus VPS Hosting?

Established in 2008, Host1Plus is a web hosting giant specializes in offering best and most affordable web hosting solutions. Their product portfolio includes domain names, SEO and web hosting services. In web hosting category, they are offering VPS hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

The company is backed by great support team which is always responsive and ready to help their clients when dealing with functional or technical glitches. Their workforce consists of a great pool of experts who are responsible and experienced in their respective fields.

We recommend you to choose Host1Plus because they offer best and cheap VPS hosting solutions. Their stable and efficient servers are really very affordable as they come at very competitive pricing.

Benefits of Host1Plus VPS Hosting

Superior Performance

Resources which server collects, hardware, and Virtual Private Servers itself are the three driving forces behind website’s performance. Host1Plus uses cutting-edge Dell servers, 15 K SAS Hard Drives, 16-32 GB of RAM and 2 Quadcore Xeon Processors.

Great Server Uptime

With redundant power supplies, world-class server and RAID 10, the uptime of server is superior, and it works so well that even the failed component won’t do any harm. Using BGP4 bandwidth can do all the magic by giving protection against routing issues on the web. With bigger ISPs, routes are kept fast and short.

Customizable Hosting

It is probably the best part of Host1Plus VPS server. It enables you to host as many domains as you want and it is easy to customize. You can install applications with root access, and you can also resell your hosting plans.

User Friendly

Well, this is the USP of VPS hosting service by Host1Plus. You may find several other hosts offering very limited setup. In these circumstances, web owner should configure the VPS and perform all the important setup operations. On the other side, hosting services from Host1Plus come with all the needed programs to run a website and email. They also provide complete firewall setup and preloaded cPanel with VPS services. You don’t need to do anything much as even the first account will be configured well for your convenience. It configures PHP and MySQL exclusively for you. After uploading your website, all you need to change your DNS to get started.

Superior Flexibility

You can easily extend your VPS according to your needs. You can enhance the capacity of VPS when your expectations enhance.

Dedicated IP

Another best thing is that you can get a dedicated IP address with VPS service from Host1Plus. It enables you to run a website and email server.


Host1Plus is a web hosting leader in the world which delivers a unique platform to manage virtual environment with ease. It can keep your online business up and running. It is a great VPS hosting provider which monitors your accounts to fix issues, if any.

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