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Hostinger Review – Why This Hosting Provider is The Best For You

Choosing the right web hosting is crucial for your business. Since it can play an important role in your business’ success, you should never take it back seat. Before you choose a web host, make sure it fits perfectly in every facet of the web hosting.

Today, I am going to review Hostinger, a well-known company that is globally recognized for its affordable hosting plans, high-performance services, and dedicated customer support.

Hostinger was founded in 2004. And, in this short period of time, the company has made its own mark in the hosting industry.

So let’s analyze its different services and find out why the company is so popular among the web users?

Value For Money

Hostinger offers a wide range hosting services. From domain registration to VPS hosting, to Shared Web hosting, everything is available under the same roof.

Hostinger has three types of hosting plans, i.e., Single-Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting.  You can choose them as per your budget and requirement. Its basic single web hosting plan costs $2.15/per month whereas for Business web hosting you have to pay $7.95 per month.

The company also offers shared hosting, which is specially designed for people looking for cheap hosting options. As the company has set up its own cloud infrastructure, their shared hosting is quite reasonable compared to other companies.

Today it is very difficult to come across cheap web hosting company that offers exceptional features and reliability at the same time. However, with Hostinger it is possible. Its both Premium and Business Packages, come with unlimited SSD Disk Space, Bandwidth, MySQL Databases, FTP Users and Email Users.  Its basic plan has been designed for small projects come with limited features but is best in price.

Seeing Hostinger’s pricing and features, all I can say that it is really good value for money.


Speaking of performance, I can say that the company has invested enough to deliver promising performance. Hostinger uses SSD storage on its servers. Unlike old HDD storage, they are stable and deliver exceptionally fast performance. These storage drives can provide 4 times better speed than HDD and are less prone to damage and data loss.

Most of the web hosters provide SSD hosting at their premium plans, but Hostinger gives you it in all three plans.

It is clear that Hostinger is doing enough to increase its performance.

User Friendliness

To test how the company stands in terms of user friendliness, I analyzed its various features.

Its ‘Site Builder’ is quite easy to use, which comes with an auto-installer. It allows users to create a website of their choices simply by dragging and dropping. Moreover, Site builder features hundreds of free templates that give your liberty to customize your website according to your needs.

Along with user-friendliness, the company does not compromise on security. It’s all 3 plans are supported by SSL certification that protects the website against various kinds of malware such as DDoS attacks.


According to their official website, Hostinger claims to offer Uptime of above 99.99%. To confirm this, I decided to take a test for my two websites, 1st was hosted on the basic hosting plan and another on the premium package.

For this test, I used ‘Uptime Robot’ tool, which is known for its reliable results. It tracked both of my sites for one month. And in this time period, the tool did not observe any downtime, which means 100% Uptime. I was surprised to see how an affordable company like Hostinger can give such promising results! Although I tracked it only for one month yet results were what they claimed.

You can see the statics of Hostinger Uptime on the real-time basis, click here.

Response Time

When it comes to speed, I found that Hostinger is pretty good in terms of response time as well.

When I tested the speed of my website built using HTML code, it showed a response time of less than 1 second in different locations. On the other hand, when I tested speed for site built in website builder, the response got increased a little bit, but that was negligible.

I used Bitcatcha tool to track the speed. The quickest response time was 69 ms (US Server) while the highest response time was 474 ms (Bangalore).

Customer Support

There are two ways to access its customer support, first is Live Chat and another is Ticket/Email Support. As per my personal experience, Hostinger provides responsible and professional support 24/7.

On their Live Chat Support, I was put in a queue for 2 minutes. When I interacted with their representative, I found him to be quite knowledgeable.


All and all, Hostinger is a good option for those looking for a cheap hosting without compromising on the performance. My personal suggestion for you is to try Hostinger without any fear and doubts. Don’t forget that you always have 30-days money-back guarantee. Choose and don’t lose!

About the author

Daisy Watson

Daisy is a writer who writes for many blogs on the internet. Writing is her passion, and she is enjoying her passion.


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  • Thanks a lot, Daisy. I have earlier used GoDaddy and BlueHost. Both had problems and issues. I couldn’t continue with them.

    Then I tried iPage and their customer service was pathetic. Then I started with SiteGround. This company is good and the online chat support is great.

    I will definitely try Hostinger for my next client websites.

    Keep up the good work, Daisy.

  • Hostinger’s services are really exceptional! I’m really amazed by the services they provide. It’s cheaper than the most of the hosts and yet provides far better services than them. I have switched to Hostinger after being associated with many many different hosts. From my experience, I can say that hostinger is really worth investing the time, money and energy in.

    It has a modern cPanel with very simple and beautiful layout. It’s always live and really it’s customer success team is truly fulfilling. I would recommend Hostinger if you are searching for a host, which is cheaper, smarter, better and exceptionally phenomenal!!!

  • hostinger “the demigod for all hosting platforms” this is what i can say about it as i have became a fan
    for this platform due to their customer service .As i have been customer since an year
    i am using vps server and using current plan as business shared hosting to develop my site(rectangleindia.com).
    it comprises of a great customised cpanel which made me quite comfortable when compared to other hosting providers such as godaddy,awardspace,appohosting..
    definitely a great experience and i certainly recommend it.

  • If you are in search of a host which is really reliable, cheap, amazing and nevertheless with extraordinary customer care support, I think hostinger is something worth investing your time, energy and resources upon. It’s services have been proved nothing less than extraordinary. All the websites are always live, it’s speed is optimum and it works just better than best than any of the other hosts I was associated with. I’m really pleased by the services they render – and I would surely recommend it to you if you are seeking for nothing less than “excellence”.

  • hostinger has been providing the good services with cheap cost and with fast customer response.this made me host my sites on hostinger.
    i used a trial for 3 months and then i started using shared hosting in hostinger .As i have been customer since an year
    i am using vps server and using current plan as business shared hosting to develop my website cloudis.ml. my server works damn superb.
    it has a simple cpanel which made me quite comfortable when compared to other hosting providers such as godaddy,awardspace,appohosting.
    I support beginers and even professions to use hostinger. they can find a way towards their websites through hostinger.