How to recover deleted text messages from Samsung

Previously, the purpose of recover the deleted text messages from mobile phone is only for retrieving data in work place. But nowadays, the deleted text messages recovery become more common and useful for everyone. For example, parents can check the deleted text messages from kid’s mobile phone to trace the education strategy. Anyway, the main usage for deleted data is to save time and money for users’ company. As the professional Samsung messages recovery tool, Coolmuster Android Recovery can access Android phone such as Samsung to scan every corner of partitions and damaged tracks. The successful recovery rate of this program is almost up to 99% for Android phone without any hassle. Coolmuster Android Recovery is the first message recovery software for Android phone in the world. It has adopted wonderful functions and provided great options for users. It is able to recover deleted data including text messages, contacts and photos in different formats. This is a guide on how to recover lost messages from Samsung galaxy phone.

Users need to download this software to their computer before lunching for recovery. During running the program, users will see the primary windows of the interface and then connect Android phone such as Samsung to their computer via USB cable. According to the command prompt windows, users can follow the description to enable the debugging based on different mode of Samsung which including Android 2.3, 3.0 and 4.2 or above. Once identifying the Android version, the scanning functions can be selected manually or automatically. Usually, Coolmuster Android Recovery will suggest users starting with quick scanning for briefly and entirely checking of mobile memories. But if the deleted files can be targeted in certain location, users can choose deep scan manually to allow the program check the damaged tracks or sector with precise placement. In doing so, users need to make sure that Samsung battery is more than 15% charged at least.

The recovery program may recommend users to turn to Samsung home screen once the analysis processing is over. By clicking “Allow”, the formal recovery processing is ready and then the interface is back to the computer by listing the different functions. Users will see the recoverable messages in the categories of “messaging” after scanning is finished. The detailed contents of text message can be edited in the computer files and export to mobile later. “Import” and “Export” are the other two main functions in Coolmuster Android Recovery, by which much useful functions available for users to transfer the information between computer and mobile phone, it can also recover lost contacts, photos from Samsung s5. If you encounter similar issue, maybe this guide can help you a lot: recover deleted contacts on Samsung S4.
Please take well note that, if users feel perplexed by prompt windows of the program such as different functions, we suggest that users can go straightway to click the first function icon to get back deleted text messages from Android mobile at first in case it is overwritten by new data. Even users have no time to create new file to store the data before launching the program, in the computer searching function, users can type in the name of data so as to find out the location.

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