Effects of Technology on Education

The 21st-century era is often regarded as the era of technology. In this generation, technology plays an important role in our everyday life. The prevalence of technology is drastically affecting many areas of the society in a positive way, including the educational sector. Students of the modern generation not only have mobile phones and computers to help them, but also internet and educational applications to enhance their studies.

Technology has certainly changed the way we live. Today, schools are working more and more to improve the technology they use to teach in the classroom. There are different types of technology which are used by students in the classroom which has a vast impact on the overall education system around the world. Here are some effects of technology on education in today’s world.

Easy access to information

The Internet is the largest information base. It is one of the most effective tools for acquiring knowledge. Students only need to put their queries in the search engine, and then the internet will provide them with thousands of answers. Without technology, this would have never been possible. There are several educational websites from where students, as well as teachers, can learn anything.


Online studying is one of the greatest impacts of technology on education. Students will not have to go to bookstores and search for books as they can get any book with just one click. There are numerous eBooks and library applications available from where students can get any book at any time and study various topics like maths, statistics, physics, biology, chemistry, etc.

Staying connected

With the help of various mobile applications and the internet, students can stay connected with their teachers all the time. Students can ask their doubt any time to their teachers with the help of various educational apps.

New method of learning

The traditional method of learning has completely changed with the revolution of technology in the educational sector. Students all over the world have developed new methods of learning with the introduction of various mobile applications. Nowadays students prefer to learn from eBooks and video lectures rather than school textbooks. With the help of video lessons, students get more engaged in learning and visualize the concepts of topics like probability, electricity, Ohm’s law, integration in an interactive way.


These were some of the effects of technology on education. Students can subscribe to Byju’s YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons on various maths, physics, chemistry and biology topics to learn in a better way.

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